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Condition Report Templates


Condition report templates are typical for inspections in real estate. Here they are used in several contexts. Standard is the general condition report for tenants and landlords. In this form, as the landlord, you record the condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy to determine any damage when you move out. In contrast to this, you use a property condition report (PCR) to evaluate the capital expenditures that are likely to be necessary to maintain a property in the short and long term. And if you want to be more specific, use the electrical installation condition report (EICR) to check your electrical installations. As you can see, a condition report usually has something to do with buildings or facilities. The most popular exception is the vehicle condition report, which is an assessment of used cars.

Inspect your above-ground storage tank for the requirements as outlined in this checklist. Download as a pdf for free or use fill it out online with the app.
Use this air conditioning commissioning sheet to validate that packaged air conditioning units still conform with design specifications after installation onsite.
Use this building condition survey template to assess the physical condition of a building. Include structural, mechanical, electrical and room-level inspections.
Use this condition survey template to assess a property's physical condition, identify structural flaws, and provide recommendations.
Inspecting residential rental property
Use this scope of work template for your construction site to plan details like deliverables, costs, tasks, etc. for projects.
A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Template is used to evaluate the condition of a building, its assets, and its systems needed to perform its intended function.
Use this home condition survey template to assess the condition of different areas of the living space and evaluate its functionality.
This template takes you through possible defects that might affect a lifeline. Make sure your employees are safe when they are working from heights. Download this sheet below to use onsite before work begins.
Use this pre-delivery inspection checklist to check the vehicle for important features before delivery.

Do you need different condition report templates for various purposes? No problem! Use the Lumiform app to create a selection of templates and access your customized templates at any time. It’s a great advantage of digital templates that all your staff always have access to the latest version. When you choose a digital tool, you also free yourself from mountains of paper to keep in folders for an extended period. Store all condition reports digitally with Lumiform and access the documents anytime, anywhere – free your mind from paper chaos.

In the Lumiform template library, you will find a suitable example for every use case. If there is no template available, there is a quick solution. Select a sample template from the list and adapt it to your needs using Lumiform’s form builder to create forms via drag-and-drop. It is also possible to create a new template in just a few steps. It’s quick and easy – you don’t need any programming or design skills. Add your logo and use our ready-made design elements for your template. If anything changes in the specifications, you can adapt your standard template at any time.