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Boat Inspection Checklist

Boat Inspection Checklist is a guide to help boaters assess the condition of their boats before heading out on the water. It outlines what needs to be checked, from the overall condition of the boat to the safety equipment on board. A completed checklist provides a record of the boat's condition and helps to ensure safe and enjoyable boating experiences.

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Boat Inspection Checklist



Checked hull for evidence of damage or repairs
Checked draino
Checked boat for a "list" (in-water test)
Checked fiberglass moisture levels (requires special tool)
Tested fiberglass bottom for large "blisters"
Checked propeller
Checked propeller shaft for wobble or rattle (cutless bearing)
Checked navigation lights for safety requirements
Checked operation of included accessories (compass, electronics)
Checked other included gear (fenders, lines)
(check name not set)


Checked for odors, stains, and general cleanliness
Checked operation of engine seacock
Checked other seacocks, valves, and emergency plugs
Checked inboard engine stuffing box for leaks
Checked bilge for oil, excess water
Checked bilge pumps (electric, manual)
Checked ventilation vents, plugs
Checked seals on opening ports and hatches
Checked under deck hardware for signs of leaks
Checked condition of upholstery, furniture
Checked plumbing and water tanks (leaks)
Checked mandatory equipment (holding tank)
Checked electrical panel, battery, terminals, and wiring
Checked shorepower plug, cords
Checked stove/heater, tanks, fittings, shutoffs, detectors
Checked heater, air conditioner
Is there a toilet installed?
Is there a Coast Guard-certified operable marine sanitation device?
(check name not set)


Checked deck for cracks, damage, 'sponginess'
Checked hatches and ports condition, sign of leaking
Checked lifelines and railings
Checked anchors, rode, rollers, fittings
Checked condition of canvas, bimini, dodger, hardware
(check name not set)


Checked engine's numbers
Does it match the numbers on the contract?
Test bilge blower ,vents
Checked external condition of engine (corrosion, leaks)
Request maintenance log (oil change frequency)
Checked fuel tank condition
Checked exhaust system for leaks
Checked steering pump's condition
What is the pump's model number?
(check name not set)


Checked mast, step, shrouds, stays, terminal fittings
Checked running rigging
Checked number, weight, condition of sails
Checked operation of winches
(check name not set)

Safety Equipment

Are there navigation lights?
Is there a waterproof flashlight?
Is there a compass?
Is there at least one anchor onboard?
Are there at least two fenders for docking?
Is there a boarding device (e.g. ladder)?
Are there at least two sound-signaling devices onboard?
What are the types of devices available?
Is there a lifebuoy?
Is there a radar reflector?
Is there a bilge pump?
Is there a Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher?
How many are available?
Are there distress flares?
Are there Personal Floating Devices (PFD)/ lifejackets?
How many?
(check name not set)


Checked hull for evidence of damage or repairs
Checked hull for evidence of damage or repairs
(check name not set)


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A Boat Inspection Checklist helps to ensure the safety and condition of a boat before it is taken out to sea. This checklist covers a range of items, from the condition of the hull and sails to safety equipment and navigation systems. It is important to review the checklist regularly to ensure that any necessary repairs or replacements are made before taking the boat out to sea. A Boat Inspection Checklist is an essential tool for any boat owner and helps to keep the boat in optimal condition and reduce the risk of accidents on the water.

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