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Fire Safety Templates


Lumiform offers you ready-made form templates you can easily customize for your next fire safety inspection. Fire safety templates provide you with a framework for creating and implementing fire safety plans, as well as helping to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed at your workplace.

The fire risk assessment templates, which you can find in the Lumiform library, are an important tool for identifying and managing fire hazards in the workplace. Additionally, you will find a range of fire prevention plan templates which should be used to control all potential sources of fire, such as faulty electrical appliances, combustible materials, and open flames. This way you will be able to assess such sources, as well as any applicable measures that may be necessary to reduce the risk of a fire occurring at your workplace.

After each run-through, our fire inspection software will summarize all checks into a report. You get an overview of potential safety gaps or potential damage to fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, water sprinklers, and fire doors. Meet all safety requirements by using digital templates for all of your inspections.

Use this fire extinguisher inspection checklist template to have the maintenance of the fire extinguishers certified by external inspectors.
A fire alarm inspection report template will help you increase the safety of employees and visitors in your building while protecting physical assets.
Use the fire door inspection template for your business facility to proactively ensure safety for your employees.
This template gives you a step-by-step rundown of how you can fill out a fire drill training report in your facilities.
Use this fire extinguisher inspection form template to regularly check the fire extinguishers in a building for proper functioning.
Use our fire fighting equipment inspection checklist to check your work equipment regularly.
Use this form to record the results of your fire hydrant flow test. Make sure the fire hydrant’s flow rate and water pressure are up to standard.
Use this fire investigation report template to generate a summary of a fire incident.
This template will support you in ensuring that your fire pump is working. It includes all the necessary information.
Use this template to assess the fire risk for employees and the environment in facilities and to initiate protective measures.
Use this fire safety checklist template to conduct fire safety compliance audits of buildings and premises.
Use a daily fire apparatus checklist to check that the water tank and gauge levels are at max and the vehicle is otherwise maintained and ready for an emergency situation.

FAQ: 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Safety Templates

What Are the Advantages of Using Lumiform’s Fire Inspection Report Templates?

Do you need a specific template for your fire inspection? No problem! Choose a ready-made template from the list below and customize the form with our flexible form builder. It’s very easy to use and requires no design or programming skills. Respond faster to problems via the app and report them immediately to the responsible persons on your team. Benefit from features like automatically generated reports that make it easier to analyze insights about what is happening on site. Identify trends and patterns that are important for taking your business to the next level. From now on, keep 100% track of your fire prevention measures with digital templates.

What if I Can’t Find the Fire Safety Template I’m Looking For?

If you still haven’t found a template that meets your exact needs after browsing our extensive library, then you may consider creating your own. However, trying to figure out where to start and what information to include can be daunting and not-at-all productive. The good news? You don’t need to start completely from scratch. Use our templates as just that – a starting ground and an outline. Feel free to mix and match content from several sources, too. Yes, you can do that with our advanced form builder software. Work smarter, not harder, with Lumiform.

Check out some of our best template examples to help you get started: fire alarm inspection report template, a fire risk assessment template, and monthly fire extinguisher inspection.

What Information Belongs in a Fire Inspection Form Template?

So you’ve decided to create your own template. What now? First things first, you want to make sure you include all essential inspection points that meet the federal and state fire code required to run your facility. We recommend going on OSHA’s website to get a comprehensive overview of key fire safety and prevention information to include on your template. This will help ensure your company remains in compliance.

Inspections for fire extinguishers, alarms, CO2 detectors, exit routes, first aid kits, employee content information, etc. are just a few examples of what you should include on your fire inspection report templates. You can also use our risk assessment templates and safety inspection templates in addition to our fire inspection templates to help you secure your perimeter and make the workplace as safe as possible for your employees.