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Fire Risk Assessment Template

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Fire Risk Assessment Template

Property Details

Occupiers details and location of property



Officers & PCSO

Special Constables

Police Staff


Special needs on site

Enter details


Description of property

Means of escape

Travel distances

Adjoining premises activities

Responsible Person

Assessment Originator



Potential hazards and processes that could lead to a fire occurring

Sources of ignition

Sources of fuel

Hazardous substances


Adjoining premises

General comments

General Care

General Care

General Care - Risk of injuries to Officers, Staff, Visitors or Members of the public due to:

Uncontrolled presence and/or excessive amounts of combustible materials

Ensure that there is no build up of combustible materials and where there is an excess that they are stored correctly

Limit quantities being used

Enforce 'Clear Desk' policy

Uncontrolled presence and/or excessive amounts of flammable materials

Limit use of flammable materials

Keep substances locked in a 'fit for purpose' storage container which is clearly marked

Keep flammable storage units away from dedicated escape routes

Keep containers away from heat sources

Uncontrolled disposal of waste materials

Ensure that all waste is cleared from offices on a daily basis

Ensure that all waste is disposed of on a regular basis

Poor condition or unsuitable furniture

Ensure that all furniture complies with EU Standards and that foam padding is effectively retardant

Ensure that worn or broken furniture is disposed of promptly and correctly

Unsuitable equipment and machinery

Ensure that all equipment and machinery as 'fit for purpose' and has been risk assessed prior to use

Ensure that all portable electrical items are tested in accordance with requirements (PAT) and labelled with test details

Ensure that all equipment vent and fan systems are free from obstruction and away from combustible materials

Ensure all electrical equipment is properly shut down when not in use

Smoking in improper places

Ensure force smoking policy is adhered to

Monitor external smoking areas especially at the end of the day

No smoking signs displayed in prominent places

Arson attack

Ensure that where possible suitable precautions have been taken or systems put in place to eliminate or reduce threat of arson attack

Unsuitable, obstructed and unkempt escape routes

Ensure that all internal floors and floor coverings on the escape routes are satisfactory and that the floor is level and even

Ensure all internal egress routes are kept clear of obstructions and safe to travel

Is steps/stairs are on escape route ensure that hey are effectively marked and illuminated

Ensure that travel distances from workstations and rest areas to specified fire escapes are within safe tolerances

Ensure that suitable means of escape are provided from all areas of the premise

Ineffective fire doors

Ensure that opening mechanisms on 'final exit doors' work correctly and are signed up with instructions on how to open

Ensure fire doors are not wedged in the open position

Ensure that all fire doors are correctly rated in respect to being effectively fire retardant and that they are fitted with vision panels

Ensure that all fire doors correctly open in the direction of travel of the egress route towards the emergency exits

Ensure all doors are correctly marked

Ensure that all door closers work correctly

Where fitted ensure automatic closers are in a satisfactory and safe condition

Ensure that all doors are in a satisfactory and safe condition with intumescent seals, where fitted, in good orders and free from paint

Unkempt stairwells

Ensure stairwells are kept free of combustible and flammable materials at all times

Ensure stairwells are kept free from obstructions

Ensure handrails, stair treads and nosings are in a safe condition

Ensure that light levels are adequate

Ineffective or defective emergency lighting

Ensure that emergency lighting throughout the escape route is suitable and adequate

Ensure that emergency lighting is maintained and checked on a regular basis

Ineffective and/or damaged wall and partitions

Ensure that the integrity of walls and partitions are intact with no holes or damage

Ensure that all walls and partitions throughout the premise are suitably fire resistant

Ensure that any structural changes are logged and that integrity is not affected

Blocked external doorways

Ensure that all external doorways have 'Keep Clear' signs clearly displayed outside

Ensure daily checks are carried out to ascertain exit door is free from obstruction

Unchecked electrical systems and equipment

Ensure that electrical installation checks have been carried out at the recommended periodicity and that the results are recorded

Ensure that all electrical switches, sockets and trunking are compliant and they are in a safe condition

Ensure that all portable electrical items are tested in accordance with requirements (PAT) and labelled with test details

Unsuitable assembly points

Ensure assembly points are clearly marked and located at a safe distance from the building and away from any other hazards

Ineffective or non-existent fire alarms

Ensure that a suitable means of raising the alarm in the event of a fire is provided commensurate with type and size of premises

Ensure fire alarms are checked on a regular basis and that the checks are logged

Ensure that fire alarms are maintained on a regular basis and that the results are logged

Ensure that the alarms can be heard throughout the premises

Ensure that in shared accommodation that the alarms can be heard thought the building

Ensure that all personnel are aware of what the fire alarm sounds like

Ineffective fire detection systems

Ensure fire detection units (where applicable) are fitted and operational including battery fed smoke alarms

Ensure fir detection systems are suitably maintained at regular intervals

Ineffective or confusing signage

Ensure that correct and legible graphical/text signs clearly indicate the following:

All exit and emergency exit routes

All final exits

Escape door opening mechanisms

Fire alarm call points

Fire actions

Fire equipment identification & location

Fire extinguisher identification

Fire safety instructions

Hazard & warning identification

Safe areas

First aid equipment

Prohibition notices

Ensure that viewing distances for signs are suitable and compliant

Ensure that all fire and emergency signs comply to BS 5499 and that they are easily visible even in reduced lighting

Lack of or untrained Fire Wardens

Ensure that sufficient and suitable 'Fire Wardens' are nominated and trained commensurate with the size of the premise

Unsuitable and ineffective portable fire fighting equipment

Ensure suitable and sufficient portable fire extinguishers are provided commensurate with type and size of premise

Ensure that extinguishers are located correctly either wall mounted or in purpose built floor trays

Ensure that all portable fire fighting appliances are in date for test and subject to regular maintenance routines

A separate risk assessment will be required if training personnel on use of fire extinguishers

Unsuitable and ineffective fixed fire fighting equipment

Ensure that any fixed fire fighting equipment, hose reels, sprinkler systems etc. are tested on a regular basis

Ensure that fixed systems are maintained on a regular basis

Communication and records

Communication and Records

Risk of injuries due to lack of awareness and suitable instruction of BTP premise due to the following:

Premises fire plans

Ensure fire plan for location has been created and briefed out to all officers, staff, visitors and contractors

Ensure that all requirements are catered for

Fire logs

Ensure that the Fire Log sheets is kept up to date and it contains the relevant information

Safety information for visitors and contractors

Ensure that all visitors and contractors sign in the relevant log

Ensure that all visitors and contractors are made aware of fire safety procedures

Ensure that in the event of a fire that a system is in place to take account of visitors and contractors


Ensure that all utility shut off points (Gas, Electric & Water) are clearly marked and easily accessible


Ensure that the premise has been checked for the presence of asbestos

If asbestos present ensure that all areas affected have been listed and are made aware to authorities in the event of a fire

Induction package

Ensure that the Fire Action Plan is communicated to all personnel

Ensure that all new joiners, transferee's, staff and probationers are given appropriate instruction at the earliest opportunity

Reinforce fire awareness on a regular basis

Special Areas

Special Areas

Risk of injuries to Officers, Staff, Visitors and Public due to hazards in special areas:

Property store

Ensure flammable property/evidence is stored in correctly fireproof cabinet

Ensure biological hazard property/evidence is clearly marked and stored correctly

Ensure that correct warning signs are displayed on the entrance door indicating hazards within

Detention units

Ensure that all Custody Officers and staff are aware of how to safely evacuate detainees

Ensure procedures are adhered to in respect of smoking articles in cells

Enforce ' No Smoking' policy within cell areas

External compounds

Ensure all external bins are kept locked shut

Where skips are used ensure that they are secure and kept away from boundary fences

Where flammable materials are stored ensure that the container is kept locked and stored materials are kept to a minimum

Premises adjacent railways

Ensure that premise/railway boundaries are kept clear of rubbish or combustible materials

Be aware of risks of residual magnetism and potential power surges caused by railway electrical systems

Fire Equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment

Portable equipment

Add Portable Fire Appliance where applicable

Choose appliance type


Next Test Due

Fixed Equipment

Add Portable Fire Appliance where applicable

Choose appliance type



Next Test Due

Fire Alarm System

System Manufacturer

Model Number

Serial Number

Maintenance Contractor

Maintenance carried out at regular intervals

Next Test Due

Records kept at location

Premises Guide

Premises guide

Guides should be clearly marked and located at a secure point normally inside the premises and close to the main entrance door in a marked container. The information contained should be in a plan format but without mention to specific and possible sensitive areas

Ensure that an up to date I guide detailing relevant information of the premises and a basic line drawing plan is available at the main entrance to the building for use by Fire Authorities

Ensure that the following items of information are included:

Portable and fixed fire fighting apparatus listed with relevant locations

Type of fire alarm/detection system employed

Location of fire alarm panel

Location of utility shut off points

Storage locations of harmful substances

Relevant safety data sheets for harmful substances

Details, locations and type of asbestos if present

Location of nearest hydrant/dry riser

Review Chart

Assessment Review Criteria

(check name not set)

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