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Supplier Evaluation Forms


A supplier evaluation form is often used by businesses and organizations to evaluate and improve their existing and potential suppliers. For this purpose, a series of assessments are carried out on various aspects of the supplier relationship. These include parameters, such as competence, capacity, consistency, quality, etc., that are intended to evaluate external systems to create a portfolio of first-class suppliers. Supplier evaluation form templates are essential to monitor and measure performance for organizations to reduce costs associated with activities, analyze risk management, and maintain room for continuous improvement in supplier selection. Check out our template library below to help you get started!

This checklist is specifically made for food suppliers and manufacturers to ensure safety on food products for consumers with food allergies.
Use this template to perform an audit in a factory. The checklist template also offers you to make an audit of your supplier. Furthermore you can insert pictures and make a report in case of issues.
Use this supplier audit checklist template to document whether or not the provider meets the criteria, then assess its suitability to be your provider.
Use this supplier auditing checklist template to document and report any non-compliance to quality norms.
This template for supplier corrective action request documents the supplier's response to your offer.
Use this comprehensive supplier corrective action report form to accurately investigate on the root cause of the nonconformity, including the direct cause, detection cause, and systemic cause.

How Can You Use Lumiform to Create a Portfolio of First Class Suppliers?

Evaluating suppliers can be challenging. Hence the best practice is to create a supplier evaluation form that will help any business organize and evaluate the suppliers more efficiently. Lumiform offers you ready-made templates to use for your next supplier evaluations. Check out our template library and find the right form templates for your supplier evaluation based on ISO 9001 or other standards. By doing this, you ensure that all supplier relationships are meeting the requirements set by your company. You can also keep all records up to date easily with our digital solution and receive automatically generated reports. Lumiform’s flexible form builder allows you to update your forms at any time, allowing you to quickly and easily customize them according to your needs.

FAQ: 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Supplier Evalaution Forms

What Are the Advantages of a Supplier Evaluation Form Template?

A digital template offers you a significant advantage: you can access it anytime and anywhere via smartphone or tablet thanks to the mobile app. In addition, you can take photos of damage or misdeliveries, add notes, and still notify suppliers of incidents from the app – all while in the field. Communication among employees is also simplified by using a digital solution like Lumiform. Incidents can be resolved up to four times faster than before, and the response time to notifications is significantly reduced.

Which Areas Can Supplier Evaluation Form Templates Be Applied?

Countless businesses rely on suppliers to complete their manufacturing process, sometimes even using several suppliers for a single product or service. For each step in an operation where a supplier is used, a template can be applied to streamline processes, inspect quality, analyze risk management, and ensure order fulfillment. For example, use our template for requesting a corrective action or audit your supplier’s handling of food safety and quality to ensure you are getting the most out of your time, products, and services.

Can I Use Templates to Improve Supplier Evaluations?

Successful supplier evaluation management is only truly successful as a team. Use Lumiform’s management templates to strengthen collaboration and improve supplier relationships by identifying problems early. Download your first digital form for your supplier evaluation today and take your supplier management to a whole new level.