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BRC Audit Checklist

Use a digital checklist for your BRC audit to access all records for certification at any time.

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What is a BRC audit?

A BRC food safety audit is an international standard, implemented as a questionnaire, to check compliance in food production. BRC audits help to meet the latest requirements of the BRC standard (edition 8).

The global food standard was developed to define food safety based on safety. Quality and operational criteria. This standardised certification is used by retailers, restaurateurs and food manufacturers to evaluate their suppliers.

This article deals with:

1. Requirements for the BRC standard

2. BRC audit: your TOP 5 benefits

3. The 7 main areas of the current BRC-Standard

4. A digital solution for BRC audits

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Requirements for the BRC Standard

The BRC Standard serves as a uniform verification of safety, quality and corporate criteria. Quality, and company criteria. On this basis, it is ensured that the required legal regulations and consumer protection measures of the food industry are complied with. The elementary requirements for the BRC standard are listed below:

  1. Continuous improvement of quality and safety

  2. Detailed food safety plan

  3. Regular internal audits

  4. Structured organisation of suppliers

  5. Tracking and documentation of all processes and procedures

  6. Appropriate hygiene regulations

BRC audit: your TOP 6 benefits

With the BRC Standard, you will profit from a steady increase in product safety culture. You get more clarity about problems and weak points in production. You also receive the following six benefits

  1. Profit from an internationally recognised standard

  2. Take advantage of early defect detection and optimal corrective action

  3. Lower risks in food manufacturing

  4. Minimise risk and reduce complaints

  5. Food regulations are more easily monitored and enforced

  6. Compliance with BRC certification sets you apart from the competition

The 7 main priority areas of BRC

The current BRC standard on food safety puts emphasis on 7 main aspects. Here are the main requirements:

  1. Focus on company management commitment - All company executives are responsible for implementing and continuous improving all food safety processes.

  2. HACCP (Food Safety Plan) - HACCP and its implementation in companies helps to identify certain risks in food production and minimize them.

  3. ISO 9001 (Food Safety & Quality) - it is required to document all processes regarding the safety of food production and keep staff informed about all necessary guidelines.

  4. Clearly Determining Expectations regarding Location - The ideal location for food production should be determined in regard to all necessary standards and guidelines.

  5. Product Control in All Areas - Various controls such as product and allergen testing must be implemented.

  6. Constant Process Monitoring - The implemented controls must be regularly documented and monitored.

  7. Hygiene & PPE Requirements - Staff trainings should be accessible to ensure adequate knowledge about the handling of PPE, hygiene standards etc.

A digital solution for BRC audits

With a digital checklist for a BRC audit, you can easily check through via tablet or smartphone - online or offline. Using the desktop version, you can create standardised checklists and then analyse the data collected.

With Lumiform, you can comply more easily with the constantly increasing legal requirements for the documentation of processes by documenting with the mobile app via smartphone or tablet and being guided by the system through all documentation processes. Clean, transparent documentation helps to avoid high fines. The easiest way to do that is with a digital solution such as Lumiform.

Digitise checklists and internal processes with Lumiform:

  • In addition, we offer more than 9,000 ready-made templates to help companies get started digitally in no time.

  • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital report.

  • Comprehensive analyses help you to identify inefficient areas in your company more quickly and thus to continuously improve your auditing and inspection processes.

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