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Construction Risk Assessment

Use a digital construction risk assessment template to quickly and efficiently improve health and safety standards.

General Construction Risk Assessment Template

Use this template to perform a general risk assessment on a construction site.

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Construction Safety Observation Report

Use this construction safety observation report when conducting a safety inspection of a construction site.

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What is a risk assessment on a construction site?

A risk assessment is used to evaluate health and safety risks on a construction site. Conducting regular risk assessments helps to comply with safety regulations.

With the help of checklists for risk assessment on the construction site, you can identify and evaluate the hazards that occur. At the same time, you can initiate the necessary measures for the workplace safety of your employees.

These topics are briefly discussed in this article:

1. 3 tips for better risk prevention on the construction site

2. 7 steps: Risk assessment for the construction site

3. Lumiform: Your app for risk assessments on construction sites

3 tips for better construction risk assessment

A construction risk assessment can help to assess certain risks and prevent them. Typical accidents on the construction site are falls and electric shocks. To prevent such incidents, 3 useful tips for prevention measures on the construction site follow:

Wearing PPE

Your workers should always have sufficient personal protective clothing (PPE) and other necessary equipment. In this way a variety of injuries can be avoided.

Regular training sessions

The right equipment is only usable and operational if your team is sufficiently trained in the use of the equipment. Offer regular training and assistance to keep your team informed about the correct work. Communicate relevant changes and developments to ensure that employees know the behavioral guidelines for risks and hazards.

Implement correct processes

Accidents often happen due to unsystematic, inconsiderate actions. If certain work processes (e.g. the LOTO procedure) are practised from the very beginning, incorrect procedures and associated problems can be minimized.

7 steps: Risk assessment for the construction site

  1. Determine work areas
  2. Conduct a hazard analysis
  3. Prioritise hazards
  4. Determine measures
  5. Execute measures
  6. Control effectiveness
  7. Adjust the hazard assessment continuously
  8. Document the risk assessment

Lumiform: The helpful tool for a risk assessment on construction sites

With Lumiform's mobile app, you can easily carry out any type of risk assessment via tablet or smartphone - online or offline. With the desktop software, you create checklists and evaluate the data collected in the field. This significantly reduces the risk of quality losses, occupational accidents, documentation errors, and damage to your reputation.

After each completed test, the collected data is securely stored in the cloud. The transparent documentation and comprehensive final report allow you to identify trends and weaknesses at an early stage. Benefit from further advantages with Lumiform.

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