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Utilize our distribution agreement template to prepare the official document using a distribution agreement checklist.

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Distribution Agreement Checklist

Use Lumiform's free Distribution Agreement to create an official document between suppliers and distributors to make mutual responsibilities transparent.

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What is a distribution agreement template?

The legal agreement between suppliers and distributors of goods, also known as the distribution agreement, contains regulations on product deliveries, testing requirements and delivery risks. This official document serves as a legal reference for contractual questions regarding financial costs and product distribution errors.

A distribution agreement is an official document that makes mutual responsibilities transparent. In this way, misunderstandings and process errors can be avoided.

This article explains:

Important aspects of the distribution agreement template
4 steps to the distribution agreement template
Lumiform: Your App & Software for the distribution agreement template & checklist

Important aspects of the distribution agreement template

In order to clarify the contractual obligations and to ensure a smooth operation, you should definitely pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Information on the contracting parties

  • Detailed descriptions of the products and services

  • Concrete tasks as well as certain procedures of both parties

  • Regulations concerning the protection of areas

  • Acquisition procedure

  • Term and notice periods

  • Financial agreements (including sales targets)

  • Procedure for the training of employees

  • Rules on possible conflicts that may arise

4 steps to the distribution agreement template

The distribution agreement is a complex document that tries to bring two different parties into agreement. Therefore you should be well prepared in advance. The following 4 steps will help you to start formulating conditions:

  1. Find out about the formal requirements of a distribution agreementThe official document for the distribution agreement covers a variety of formal aspects, which you should be aware of in advance.

  2. Define the distribution agreementsRecord which distribution agreements exist and are relevant in your company and document them.

  3. Specify possible initial scenarios
    Determine whether there is a claim for compensation in the event of termination. Also define which other agreements are necessary in case of conflict or similar.

  4. Use a checklist for the distribution agreement
    A detailed checklist is the best way to get an overview of the many aspects of an effective distribution agreement. Use it to draw up an outline of your internal conditions and to check the finished document.

Lumiform: Your App & Software for the distribution agreement template & checklist

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