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Environmental Risk Assessment Checklist

Streamline your environmental risk assessment reporting processes with a digital guide.

The Environmental Impact Assessment with Guidance

The environmental impact assessment describes and evaluates the effects of daily work and processes on the environment. The probability of the threat to the environment plays an overriding role. Legally, the obligation to conduct environmental assessments is laid down in the Environmental Impact Assessment Act.

The use of an environmental impact assessment checklist helps companies to minimise negative impacts on the environment step by step. Based on the checklist, target-oriented environmental impact assessment measures can be easily implemented. Another option is to use an ISO 14001 checklist for an environmental audit and become certified to show the company’s environmental performance.

This article provides information on the following topics:

1. The importance of a constant pattern environmental impact assessment

2. 3 steps to an effective environmental impact assessment guide

3. Digital application for an environmental impact assessment

The importance of a constant pattern environmental impact assessment

However, the most important sources of water are the mining, manufacturing and construction industries, air and soil pollution. Among the most important aspects contributing to this are the improper disposal of chemicals, the intensive use of air-polluting equipment and machinery, the improper handling of asbestos, the contamination of soil by hazardous substances and industrial noise.

Employers should conduct thorough risk assessments and inspections to develop a good environmental management system and ensure that their company operates in such a way that it causes as little damage to the environment as possible.

3 steps to an effective environmental impact assessment guide

An environmental impact assessment guide can be used by risk managers and policy makers to identify and document any non-conformities and potential environmental hazards caused by a company and its employees at an early stage.

The following 3 steps will help you to conduct an environmental impact assessment according to efficient patterns:

1. Problem formulation

In this step, risk managers define the scope of an environmental impact assessment by guideline, identifying what needs to be protected from harm. Here, a site-specific analysis is used to determine where the challenge lies in the environment.

  1. Hazard characterisation
    In this step, risk managers investigate the potential environmental hazards in the workplace.
  2. Exposure characterisation
    This step deals with deciding what and who is at risk.
  3. Risk characterisation
    Risk characterisation combines the results of hazard and exposure characterisation to then carry out a risk assessment.

2. Documentation

This step involves recording the assessment results and implementing precautionary measures.

3. Monitoring

The final step involves the regular constant review of the assessment.

Digital application for an environmental impact assessment

Doing an environmental impact assessment with guidance can be a cumbersome process. Lumiform’s digital solution allows you to use checklists in digital form for your inspections. This offers many other advantages. For example, all responsible persons can access the respective checklists at any time and from any location. If problems occur and corrective measures become necessary, this can be immediately communicated from the app.

Comprehensive documentation and the collection of evidence on site is very important for this. At the same time, clean and transparent documentation helps to fully comply with the legal framework. Benefit from further advantages with Lumiform:

  • Continuous increase in quality and safety: Thanks to the flexible checklist toolbox, you can continuously optimize internal audits and processes. Since Lumiform guides the auditor through the audit, there is no need for training.
  • The very simple operation offers no room for error for auditors on-site. The app offers less complexity in documenting or completing checklists than complicated paper or Excel lists.
  • Depending on the application, tests are carried out about 30%-50% faster or faster.
  • The super intuitive mobile application makes it easy to complete every test in the field with your teammates, saving you time.
  • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital report.

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