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Commissioning Checklist for Successful Installment of HVAC Systems

A commissioning checklist ensures that your building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is operating correctly. Never forget important details and document the installation by using a checklist to provie reliable services to clients.

What Is a HVAC commissioning Checklist?

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system of your building provides heating and cooling to both residential and commercial buildings. HVAC systems are found everywhere from single-family homes to hotels where they are necessary for making sure people are comfortable. HVAC systems use fresh outdoor air to create high-quality indoor air which is why they have become popular in modern buildings.

Without a commissioning checklist, the installation of an HVAC system may not be done correctly. This leads to wasted time, effort, and even money. A HVAC commissioning checklist also provides the building owner with proper and organized documentation about their building’s HVAC systems.

The building owner can use the documents to show the authorities that their HVAC systems are operating efficiently. Passing the commissioning process means that the HVAC equipment meets all of the required state standards or national codes. HVAC commissioning ensures that the system meets the owner’s specifications and the project requirements as set by state or national laws.

Such a checklist is also a useful tool for ensuring that the commissioning process is performed thoroughly and properly since commissioning is a crucial part of constructing and maintaining a building. By consulting your HVAC checklist, you can discover any issues as ensure that the HVAC system operates the way it should

In this article, you will learn about:

1. Equipment and HVAC Commissioning in 8 Steps

2. The Components of a Commissioning Checklist

3. The Advantages Of a Digital Checklist for Commissioning Processes

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The 8 Steps of Equipment Commissioning

Installation, configuration, and commissioning of any equipment, including HVAC systems, must only be done by qualified personnel. Many manufacturers of ventilation equipment require that any maintenance work of their products must be performed only by someone who is certified by the company in order to avoid mistakes.

Many equipment manufacturers also offer commissioning and maintenance services. If your HVAC system is handled by a professional service employee, the manufacturers will usually grant you a better guarantee.

An HVAC commissioning generally follows 8 steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. Design
  3. pre-construction
  4. construction
  5. commissioning of services
  6. pre-handover
  7. initial occupation
  8. post-occupancy care

The initial commissioning of an HVAC must be done when the systems are first installed into a new or already existing building. When an older HVAC system is commissioned for the first time, this is called retro-commissioning. And when an HVAC system that has previously been commissioned is commissioned again at a later date, it is called re-commissioning. The goal of re-commissioning is to improve the function of the HVAC system or adjust the system to the government or building owner requirements.

Before the actual commissioning, a pre-commissioning process is usually initiated that covers the following steps:

  1. Reviewing of HVAC system design
  2. Inspecting and reviewing the installation
  3. Identifying areas that require attention to make sure the commissioning process is successful

The 4 Main Components of an HVAC Commissioning Checklist

As with any type of maintenance or installation work, it is important to always follow the same guidelines and steps in order to not forget anything important and make a mistake that might damage the entire system or even become a safety concern. An installation or maintenance checklist is therefore not only an aid for service personnel and employees , but also a preventive measure that ensures the quality of your work and equipment.

The following steps give you an overview of what you should include in your commissioning checklist:


Before any commissioning work can begin, the type of HVAC commissioning required must first be determined. The first step is therefore to perform a thorough evaluation of the HVAC equipment after which the mechanical contractor can perform an installation.

Checking the equipment ensures that the right equipment is installed and that it is placed in the right location. Once this is done, the commissioning engineers will make sure that the HVAC installation meets the manufacturer’s requirements.


After the verification, the next step is the sighting of the equipment in order to make sure that everything is working as it should. This is where the startup, shut down, and sequence of operation is verified and recorded properly. This process will uncover any issues within the system.

These issues must then be documented and reported to the mechanical contractors. When the verifications and witness process is successful the HVAC system is tested, adjusted, and balanced.

The mechanical plan sheet must be consulted when testing the airflow requirements for each air device in the HVAC system. If there is no mechanical plan sheet, which is often the case for a retro-commissioned HVAC system, the unit must be balanced according to industry standards.


During any commissioning process, the initial conditions of the HVAC system must be properly documented. The document must show the results of motor testing, flow measurements voltage and amperage, and fan motor speed. After balancing outside air and exhaust fans, measuring the building pressure will follow. This is a crucial step because it ensures the comfort of the people using the building.


The last step in an HVAC commissioning checklist is the simulation of different environmental conditions in the building. The goal of this step is to make sure that the equipment will react properly to any environmental conditions, namely that it will adjust properly and consistently when it detects similar conditions. Consistency is important and if this step shows that the system is not consistent, troubleshooting must be performed to find the issue and resolve it.

Qualified commissioning personnel must have the capacity to design an HVAC system that has all the components necessary for meeting the requirements of a building, the building owner, and the government. They must also be knowledgeable about the products needed to create the design and test the HVAC systems before it goes active.

All contractors, designers, building owners, and manufacturers must work together to make sure that the HVAC system performs properly and efficiently. All components from the basic duct joint to the proper programming and design must work as they should.

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Successful HVAC Commissioning With a Digital Checklist

As with any type of installation of equipment utmost care and precision must be in order so that everything is properly set up – and an HVAC commissioning is certainly no exception. In order to provide reliable heating and air conditioning to a unit or family home it is essential to pay attention to even the smallest details and make sure you check off all important steps in an HVAC system activation.

A digital HVAC commissioning checklist presents the following advantages:

  • Prevent faulty installaitons and reduce risks – By conducting standardized and routine checks pre-installation with Lumiform’s Service Management Software.
  • Use our flexible checklist and form builder to convert any manuals and paper lists into a digital checklist within minutes.
  • Always comply with regulations – You can effortlessly edit and revise any existing template to comply with new industry regulations regarding HVAC systems.
  • Inspections have never been easier than with Lumiform’s intuitive mobile app that allows you and your employees to conduct checks wherever you are – online or offline – and provide outstanding services to any client.
  • All comments, results, and images are automatically bundled into a digital report for you to file and review at your convenience.
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