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Vehicle Inventory List

Simplify vehicle inventory with digital templates that you can use anytime, anywhere from mobile devices.

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Vehicle Inventory Template

Use this Vehicle Inventory Template to list all important details regarding a vehicle.

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Pre-delivery Inspection Checklist

Use this checklist to check the vehicle for important features before delivery.

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PDI Report Checklist

A PDI Report Checklist aims to properly record the performance of a pre-delivery inspection on a newly-bought vehicle.

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What is a Vehicle Inventory Checklist?

A vehicle inventory checklist helps you to keep an overview of all vehicles in your car dealership/logistics company/car rental/ etc. This is important for customers but also for the company's own staff.

If the vehicle inventory is not carried out correctly, the company will not be aware of the stock and condition of the vehicles. This makes it difficult to manage the company at all. A checklist for the vehicle list is therefore a useful tool for the car inventory management.

This article deals with:

1. The Importance of Vehicle Inventory

2. Advantages of a Digital Vehicle Inventory Checklist

The Importance of Vehicle Inventory

A vehicle inventory template can be structured differently depending on the company. In general, however, you should always use a vehicle inventory to avoid serious consequences.

Exact knowledge of the stock

If you know exactly how many vehicles you own and in what condition they are, you can plan your vehicle management better. You will also know what is missing, for example what you may need to order. This includes all vehicle components. If you don't have a proper vehicle inventory management, it can quickly happen that you order too much, or that you don't order something important that is missing.

Higher profitability

Maintain a vehicle inventory checklist to avoid both stock reduction and overstocking. Your vehicles will lose their value more slowly than without a vehicle inventory.

Better customer experience

If you know what you have, you know exactly what you can sell. Don't accidentally promise your customers too much by selling them something you don't have and can't deliver. Better play it safe and do a vehicle inventory.

Advantages of a Digital Vehicle Inventory Checklist

As mentioned above, keeping a vehicle inventory checklist has many advantages for your company. Keeping this checklist digitally with Lumiform offers you even more advantages:

  • Generate real-time data about your vehicle fleet. This makes quality and safety measurable and you can use the data to continuously optimize processes.

  • Simply download one of Lumiform’s free vehicle templates and start your vehicle inventory right away!

  • Get an overview of everything that's going on on site.

  • Reports are generated automatically, which saves you the need to do all the manual follow-up work.

  • Increase the efficiency of your internal processes: Through more efficient communication within the team, with third parties and with management, as well as faster incident reporting, you solve incidents up to 4x faster than before.

  • Save time by analyzing all vehicle data more easily and identifying areas that need your attention more quickly.

  • Continuous improvement of quality and safety: With the flexible checklist construction kit you can constantly optimise vehicle inspections. Lumiform guides the inspector through the test, no training is required.

  • The very simple operation offers no margin for error for employees on site. The app offers less complexity in documenting or filling out vehicle checklists than complicated paper or Excel lists.

  • Depending on the application, examinations are carried out about 30%-50% faster.

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