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Fleet Vehicle Condition Report

This fleet vehicle condition report is for gauging the working condition of your vehicle fleet to ensure they continue to be road-worthy. Check the interior, exterior, and engine compartment for any signs of damage. With a fleet vehicle maintenance checklist you’ll be able to easily keep track of your fleet and which vehicles are scheduled for repairs and maintenance.

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Fleet Vehicle Condition Report


Select date

Vehicle information

QR Code
Vehicle number
Vehicle identification number (VIN)
VIN Image
Vehicle color
License plate
Driver assigned
Vehicle milage


Vehicle paint
Drive tires
Steer tires
Spare tire present and inflated
Body damage

Engine Compartment

Compartment cleanliness
Visible oil or other fluid leakage
Oil level
Transmission fluid
Power steering fluid
Washer fluid
Hoses and belts
Engine compartment image


Overall cleanliness
Steering wheel
Interior photo
Inspected by
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Safety first with a fleet vehicle maintenance checklist

The condition of your vehicle fleet is important, not only for the safety of your drivers but also for the image and reputation of your business. By taking time to evaluate their working conditions by utilizing a fleet vehicle maintenance checklist, you can ensure that each and every one of your vehicles are in top shape.

When assessing the condition of your vehicle fleet, Lumiform's provided fleet vehicle condition report gives you a standard glimpse into what you should look for:

  • Interior: Check for any signs of water damage or fire damage. Also look for malfunctions with airbags, seat belts, or other electronic equipment. Look for scratches or dents on interior surfaces; cracks in fabrics; and tears in plastic trim or fabric seats.
  • Exterior: Inspect all paintwork (front-, side-, and rear-)for chipping, peeling/flaking/rusting metallic areas due to poor weathering care/, accumulation debris from puddles /mudholes etc., excessive rust visible around wheel wells etc.; damaged bumpers /fenders etc.; faded registration numbers on sides & front hoods; headlights which don’t meet legal requirements; dirty windshields (including rainwater).
  • Engine compartment: Check fluid levels, exhaust system clearances, and oil levels. Is smoke coming out from under the car? Are there big leaks anywhere? If yes - schedule repairs at the earliest opportunity!
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