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Bundle all vital vehicle maintenance checkups in one place! Free with Lumiform, you can create notes and reminders with ease, and achieve an accurate vehicle safety assessment every single time, anywhere you go.
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Key Benefits

Lumiform’s vehicle maintenance app is an easy-to-use tool that allows companies to take advantage of digitalization. It helps them simplify the safety management processes of vehicle maintenance tasks so that employees can focus on their core duties. Because the app keeps accurate track of the company cars' condition and performance, this allows companies a better understanding of which cars need to be replaced or repaired, and when they should do it, thereby reducing bottlenecks in processing the budget for said repairs. Indeed, the app helps companies that want to speed up their regular vehicle checks to achieve consistent results.

Built with productivity in mind, Lumiform’s vehicle maintenance solution allows users to compare their corporate measures with national industry standards. This ensures that inspections are conducted reliably, and inspectors will always know where they need to improve. Best of all, the app informs the management about the tools they need to make those improvements. It also makes it easy for users to share this information with others in their company, so everyone is working towards the same goals of improving audits. With fast-response supervisor notifications set in place, Lumiform makes sure everyone in the team is on the same page.

The world of vehicle maintenance and repair is a very traditional one. It's also a world that's been slow to adopt the benefits of digitalization. This is particularly true in the area of quality and safety management, where the process of recording, tracking, and reporting on issues can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to navigate. Lumiform changed the game by inventing its car maintenance app. With an intuitive filling-out process and automated data entry, Lumiform makes it easy for anyone with little experience in these matters to get started using the app right away.

Get a head start with ready-to-use templates

Key Features
1. Set up forms in a snap

Select from over 12,000 ready-made inspection templates or create powerful custom forms in a flash.

Conduct inspections efficiently via the intuitive Lumiform inspection app. From wherever you are, online or offline.

Share observations and assign corrective actions directly to colleagues and track the entire troubleshooting process.

Share your automatically generated inspection reports directly with all stakeholders while thoroughly analyzing all data.

Work collaboratively on actions while logging operations.

Schedule and assign inspections so that they get conducted reliably in time.

Push notifications, emails or SMS remind your team of inspections that need to be done.

Add text comments and photos during an inspection.

Use logics to guide your team through each inspection in a standardized way.

Customize your reports so they fit your needs exactly.

Trigger and assign actions automatically based on an inspector’s answer.

Involve external partners in action resolution at no extra cost.

Connect Lumiform via API to your existing systems.

As a business owner managing a fleet, ensuring your vehicles remain in optimal condition is paramount. Utilizing a vehicle maintenance app is an invaluable asset for efficiently monitoring and scheduling essential maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, and safety inspections.

This technology plays a critical role in averting unexpected breakdowns, which can disrupt operations and incur significant costs. Additionally, a well-maintained fleet upholds the safety standards necessary to protect your employees and the public.

A robust car maintenance app not only helps you in tracking these regular tasks but also provides alerts for upcoming services, keeps historical data for each vehicle, and analyzes patterns that may indicate future issues.

By integrating this technology into your fleet management strategy, you enhance the reliability, safety, and longevity of your company’s vehicles, ensuring they continue to serve your business effectively.

Why Vehicle Maintenance is Critical for Your Business

  1. Cost Efficiency: Regular maintenance through a reliable app helps avoid costly repairs and extends the lifespan of your vehicles, safeguarding your investment.
  2. Reliability in Operations: Keeping your vehicles in top condition minimizes the risk of breakdowns that can disrupt your business operations and lead to potential revenue loss.
  3. Safety and Compliance: Regular checks and updates through a dedicated app ensure that your vehicles comply with safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing your employees’ safety.
  4. Streamlined Management: With multiple vehicles under your care, a centralized app allows you to track all maintenance activities effortlessly, ensuring no vehicle is overlooked.

Features of an Effective Vehicle Maintenance App for Your Business

A top-tier car maintenance app provides features specifically designed for fleet management:

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Monitor when each vehicle in your fleet requires service, keep tabs on ongoing maintenance issues, and receive alerts for critical tasks.
  • Detailed Record-Keeping: Maintain an extensive log of each vehicle’s maintenance history, documenting services, parts replacements, and incurred costs.
  • Automated Scheduling and Reminders: The app should automate maintenance scheduling and send reminders to ensure every vehicle is serviced on time.
  • Cost Management Tools: Get estimates for maintenance and repairs, helping you budget accurately for your fleet’s upkeep.
  • Multi-Access Capability: Enable multiple team members to access, update, and check the app for real-time updates on each vehicle’s status.
infographic with 4 key elements depiciting the features of a vehicle maintenance app

How to Manage Vehicle Maintenance Effectively

To manage your fleet maintenance effectively:

  1. Choose the Right App: Opt for an app like Lumiform, designed to meet the robust needs of fleet management with comprehensive tracking and management features.
  2. Consistent Updates: Regularly update the maintenance data for each vehicle in the app to maintain accurate and current records.
  3. Leverage Data for Decision-Making: Use the app’s data analytics to make informed decisions about vehicle maintenance scheduling, budgeting, and even fleet renewal.

Selecting the Best Vehicle Maintenance App

The best maintenance app for managing your business fleet should seamlessly combine user-friendliness with comprehensive, actionable features. Lumiform, highly recommended by industry experts, exemplifies this balance.

It provides not only mobile access but also desktop integration, making it exceptionally well-suited for businesses that require a detailed and holistic approach to fleet management. This app enables you to monitor maintenance schedules, track repairs, and analyze costs from any device, ensuring you have full control over your fleet operations.

Our desktop integration allows for deeper data analysis and reporting, which are critical for strategic decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency. Lumiform ensures

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best vehicle maintenance app?

Lumiform is highly recommended as the best vehicle maintenance app. It offers comprehensive features like tracking, scheduling, and reporting, ideal for managing business fleets efficiently.

Is the vehicle maintenance app free?

Yes, Lumiform is available as a free version, which provides essential features for effective fleet management. No credit card required. An upgrade to the paid version is available, offering enhanced functionalities for more comprehensive fleet oversight.

What are the benefits of using a vehicle maintenance app?

A vehicle maintenance app like Lumiform helps streamline fleet management through automated scheduling, comprehensive tracking, and detailed reporting. This ensures operational efficiency, cost management, and helps in maintaining high safety and compliance standards.

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