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Waste Management

Use Waste Management Templates as Checklists to optimize types of solid waste management disposal methods within your company.

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Better Waste Routines

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Bio-medical Waste Management Checklist

Use this biomedical waste management checklist in patient care areas to ensure proper waste management systems for biomedical waste are in place.

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Health and Safety Made Simple For The Waste Industry - Workplace Audit

Designed by the WISH support for SMEs group to support waste businesses to meet their obligations under UK health and safety law.

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Medical Waste Monitoring Checklist

A waste monitoring checklist is used to check your medical waste management’s compliance with set standards.

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Waste Audit Checklist

Use this waste audit checklist to ensure an effective waste audit process for the organization.

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Waste Management Audit

Use this template for an internal audit of your company's waste management.

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Waste Management Internal Audit

Waste management

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Waste Management Compliance Audit

Auditing waste management regarding compliance with project/company requirements!

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What is waste management?

The process for operational waste management is used to collect, transport, dispose of and, if necessary, treat commercial municipal waste. In various industries, this system increases environmental awareness and promotes public health and safety.

The waste management checklist supports the waste management officer and his team in complying with legal standards. It helps to assess whether waste separation and disposal processes are being properly implemented and followed by the organisation. A waste management checklist helps avoid environmental problems and legal penalties.

In this article, the following is addressed:

1. In 4 steps to optimal waste management

2. Lumiform: Your app & software to control waste management

In 4 steps to optimal waste management

Waste management is a time-consuming task as well as a balancing of many factors. Not only legal regulations but also environmental protection, responsibility and practicability play a role in the implementation of measures. It is therefore important to structure a plan as far as possible and to optimise each step in the best possible way. With the following 4 steps you can deal with waste disposal in your company responsibly and thoroughly:

  1. Inform yourself
    Find out about local and national regulations for waste management in companies. You should also carefully consider your options for waste disposal and be able to distinguish between different types of waste. These 4 types are commonly classified as follows:

    1. Commercial municipal waste
    2. Infectious waste
    3. Hazardous waste
    4. Industrial waste

  2. Review
    Check the existing plan (if available) and examine the individual disposal steps. The possible types of solid waste management disposal methods are:

    1. Recycling
    2. Composting
    3. combustion
    4. Sanitary landfills

    You should also evaluate office management: Where can packaging material be saved on office supplies? Are there work steps that can be digitized to save paper? By overhauling certain outdated processes you can also save costs.

  3. Implement
    The implementation of solid waste management disposal methods should be well planned. This should be determined: Who is responsible for waste disposal? There should be at least one person responsible for waste management in the company. The disposal channels should also be thoroughly assessed for effectiveness. Are the paths as short as possible? Is the disposal as climate-friendly as possible?

  4. Control
    It is certainly not enough to order individual solid waste management disposal methods, but the planning and implementation of waste management should be a long-term process. Introduced measures should always be checked for effectiveness and timeliness. For this purpose, it is particularly suitable to create a checklist for legal and internal company regulations, which serves as a guideline for evaluating the system.

Your waste management control app & software

With a digital application, you can check whether waste management is being carried out properly. You can select a suitable checklist from our template library and apply it to your waste management. By using the mobile app for waste management, you ensure that you don't forget any important points and that waste management can be carried out correctly

Lumiform makes it easier for you to comply with the constantly increasing legal requirements for the documentation of processes by documenting with the mobile app via smartphone or tablet and being guided by the system through all documentation processes. Clean, transparent documentation helps to avoid high fines. The easiest way to do this is with a digital solution such as Lumiform.

Digitize checklists and internal processes with Lumiform:

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