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Distribution Agreement Templates

2 templates

A distribution agreement template contains questions that manufacturers or producers and distributors should consider when drafting and negotiating a distribution agreement. Such a checklist asks about aspects of typical elements of a distribution agreement, such as terms of sale, contract duration, marketing rights and trademark licenses, distribution territory, inspection, audit and termination rights. Using these forms is helpful for both contracting parties to put contract negotiations on a firm footing and to move them forward. Distribution agreements are often part of complex supply chains in which manufacturers, resellers, distributors and buyers play different roles. So it's all the more helpful to keep track of everything with a detailed template.

Our software gives you the advantage of being able to adapt the checklist for each new distribution agreement with other partners in no time at all. All you need to do is use our flexible form builder to create a template that fits your requirements. With it, you can either design a new template from scratch or adapt your existing template to the new conditions with just a few clicks thanks to the drag-and-drop feature. Digital checklist and form software also offer you many other benefits. For example, you can perform checks easily and flexibly on-site via mobile devices and immediately inform the responsible employees from the app in the event of discrepancies. Thanks to comprehensive analyses, you can uncover areas that require further processing at an early stage and always maintain an overview of all distribution agreement processes. Ensure a 100% better insight into your distribution agreements from now on with Lumiform.

Lumiform offers you ready-made templates for your checklists that you can easily customize for your next distribution agreement. In the template library you find the right template for a national or international distribution agreement. Check step by step if all points for a distribution agreement are fulfilled. Conduct inspections and audits of contractors to ensure that all terms and conditions are met. Also, assess whether the previous draft and the results of negotiations provide a commercially successful basis for your business. After each check of the contract agreements with a checklist, the results are automatically summarized in a detailed app report that can be sent immediately to all contracting parties and responsible persons.