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Performance Appraisal Form Template

Use this comprehensive General Appraisal Form while doing the yearly performance assessment of an employee. This template covers details of the staff member being evaluated, rating records for performance evaluation, training and development plans, and incidents happened within the year. You may also add detailed comments on the appearance of your employee. Implement an overall performance score and attach digital signatures of both the evaluator and evaluated person to confirm completion of the evaluation.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Performance Appraisal Form Template



Write down your goals:

Performance Rating

REFERENCE: Employee Appraisal Evaluation Guide [This is an example of how you can use Lumiform to include reference images in your templates to assist with evaluation]
Interpersonal Skills: How effective the employee talks and works with co-workers, bosses,...
Quality Of Work: Behaviour with which the employee fulfills tasks e.g.: accuracy, responsiveness, follow-through, decision making, reliability, compliance assurance,...
Approach To Work: The characteristics the worker shows while doing tasks including creativity, motivation, organisation, process improvement, etc.
Position Expertise: How effective the worker applies any kind of skills and knowledge on the work.
Quantity Of Work: How good the worker gets the demanded amount of work done.
Communication Skills: How effective the worker transmits information (quickness,confidentiality, oral or written,...)

Supervisory/Leadership Skills

Supervisory Skills: Gives oversight, administration, credit and development opportunities, and discusses performance issues.
Leadership and Management: Talks about a concept, sets unit objects and creates strategies

Action Plans / Training and Development Goals

Write down performance goals, particular projects, or training and improvement plans for the next study phase. Describe other policies and actions required.

Concerns, Issues or Incidents

Documentation of concerns, problems or incidents involve:


Rate the overall performace:
By signing this, you confirm that you completely understand the above and discussed it with your manager.
Name and signature of the employee:
Name and signature of the manager:
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