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Policies and procedures template

Using a policies and procedures template, you can more easily set expectations for emplyee behavior around a range of topics. Communicate clearly and unambiguously to ensure the best and safest work environment.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Policies and procedures template


Policy title
Policy number
Date and time that the policy becomes active
Short policy description
Who approved this policy?


Define any specific terms or acronyms involved in the text of this policy
What is the purpose of this policy?
Policy statement
Policy scope
Parties responsible for upholding the policy


Task one (describe task)
Task two (describe task)
Task three (describe task)


Email address to contact in case of any policy or procedure questions
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Writing policies and procedures with Lumiform

Well-defined HR policies help maintain workplace safety and balance in a business. Making sure that employees know the safety, security, conduct, and other standards they should adhere to is essential. That's why explicit policies and procedures are useful.

Policies and procedures don't just create an understanding among emplyees, they also provide a good way to measure compliance. By clearly defining what is expected and what can be done to meet those expectations, you have an easier time ensuring those expectations are met. And just as important as codifying employee conduct is securing employee rights, which is why it's important to have workplace safety and grievance procedures in place.

This policies and procedures template is easy to adapt to whatever topic you wish. After downloading it, you can ensure all of your employees have a digital copy to refer back to in case of any compliance questions. Creating a policies and procedures template with Lumiform also gives you a customizable solution that you can continue reusing as many times as you like.

Lumiform users can enjoy features such as

  • a simple interface
  • unlimited queries, schedules, forms
  • analytics
  • text and photo comments
  • QR codes
  • custom reports
  • advanced user management

  • Using a polices and procedures template to codify workplace practices is a valuable step towards running your business the way you imagine it running.

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