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Workplace Violence Prevention Checklist Template

Employers can take a variety of steps to minimize workplace harassment and violence, or to give employees a sense of safety by knowing who to contact when conflicts arise. A workplace violence prevention checklist is designed to help them examine the current state and achieve the target state by periodically checking to see if the action plan they've signed up for has been implemented.

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Workplace Violence Prevention Checklist Template

Leadership Support and Worker Participation

Do you have a written Workplace Violence Prevention Policy against threats and intimidating behaviors in the workplace?
Do you have a written policy to identify the consequences and disciplinary actions that result when/ if threats or aggressive behaviors occur?
Have you conducted a Front-End-Analysis / Worksite Planning Assessment of the needed policies, systems and structures to "institutionalize" your Workplace Violence Prevention System?
Our organization has established a crisis management/chain of command team and their roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined in a procedure (who responds first, who are first complaints reported to, who is next in line to receive the complaint if that individual is not available or does not act upon the complaint
Do you have a system to report threats of violence and intimidation so employees know whom to call with concerns?
Have you established and trained a Behavioral Threat Assessment Safety Team to investigate and manage threats, "high-risk terminations", violent and intimidating incidents?
Have you trained your employees to identify "early warning signs" of potential violence or intimidation?
Have you conducted a hazard/risk audit of "near misses" and/or violent incidents at your facilities?
Have you developed and practiced Active Shooter / Evacuation / Lock Down plans?
Have you developed a Crisis Recovery Plan for the aftermath of workplace emergencies and violent events?
Have you identified external resources and threat assessment experts to help you evaluate threatening individuals/situations?


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