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8D Report Checklist

Use a digital 8D Report checklist to develop time-saving and effective, long-term business solutions.

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What is an 8D Checklist?

A document that notes the effect achieved through solving an issue caused by a complaint is called 8D report. The name of the document derived from the 8D methodology which it follows. To be more specific, this methodology consists of 8 process steps one needs to undertake to fulfill the procedure.

Such a method of treating complaints is widely used within the industries where the supplier is directly influenced by customer feedback and where it is necessary to take time to address a specific issue. This can be automotive, mechanical engineering, medical, aviation industry etc.

This article briefly discusses the following topics:

1. The 8D’s in an 8D template checklist

2. What must be observed

3. Advantages of Implementing an 8D analysis using Lumiform

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Definition of an 8D Template Checklist

The 8D Method is an approach using 8 steps in total in order to thoroughly structure a solution for a specific issue with a product or process.

Step 1: Establish a Team

A small team should be established and coordinated to deal with specific aspects of solutions concerning the problem

Step 2: Define the Problem

The problem should be based on facts and clearly defined. It should be established how the problem affects various aspects of the company. By clarifying the problem in detail, the experts working on the issue can keep an overview of the steps which need to be taken and prioritize certain solutions.

Step 3: Contain the Problem

The action which must be taken to solve a specific problem should not affect the daily business of the company. Therefore approaches to solutions should not cause new problems in other areas. A documentation of the process is helpful to keep track of the progress and effectiveness of the steps which are being taken

Step 4: Establish the root cause

The root cause of the specific problem should be identified as precisely as possible. A root cause analysis (such as 5-Why) is a helpful tool in order to identify the basis of malfunctions in the company

Step 5: Define Corrective Measures

Once the root cause is established, the corrective steps that need to be taken in order to minimize or solve the issue should be defined and assigned to the personal.

Step 6: Keep track of the Progress

It is necessary to keep track of the progress of all actions being taken. If the root cause cannot be effectively minimzied through the assigned corrective steps over time, it will be necessary to revise the actions and repeat the measures until the problem is sufficienty solved.

Step 7: Ensure a Prevention of the Problem

Even if the root cause is sufficiently solved, it is possible for it to occur again. Therefore it is crucial to define preventative principles of quality management which will minimize the possibility of the issue occuring again.

Step 8: Recognize the Team Efforts

It is of great importance to recognize and reward your team or specific members in charge of the solutions, to show your appreciation and motivate your employees for future projects.

What do you need to bear in mind?

By planning on doing an 8D report, one should be aware that the entire process usually takes ten days. The first four steps are to be completed within four days. The perfect version looks like this: 8 steps - 8 days. However, the more important point is to address all the issues worth attention. Therefore, some complicated procedures still can take longer.

Besides, in most of the industries undertaking the 8D process is solely voluntary. It is an effective way to prevent complaints by eliminating systematic errors therefore, more and more companies are starting to do this check on a regular basis. However, if your firm is active in the automotive or aviation industry, you have no alternative but to do the 8D analysis since it is mandatory for these two industries precisely.

Advantages of Implementing an 8D analysis using Lumiform

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