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Stay socially responsible with a BSCI audit checklist

Use BSCI certification checklists and optimize working conditions to establish your company as a globally ethical and socially conscious organization

What is a BSCI audit checklist?

The BSCI audit (Business Social Compliance Initiative) verifies your company’s social compliance throughout its global supply chain. A BSCI audit checklist lists the criteria that qualify processes and working conditions as BSCI-compliant. These checklists aren’t not limited to any particular industry or product. Instead, BSCI audits are conducted by small-scale producers and producer groups, small and medium-sized enterprises, large-scale enterprises, vulnerable and minority groups, and internal suppliers or facilities.

A BSCI audit checklist is an indispensable tool guaranteeing that conduct standards are met by dealers, salesmen and suppliers. In addition to protecting workers, regular BSCI assessments help you avoid legal consequences and associated costs.

What to assess on your BSCI audit checklist

The BSCI standard is based on a number of criteria across several areas of employment that are intended to ensure ethical and safe working conditions.The purpose of a BSCI audit is to make sure your company meets these criteria across its entire supply chain. The standards in question are:

  • A right to freedom of association & collective bargaining
  • Fair wages
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Special protection for young workers
  • No bound work
  • Ethical business conduct
  • No discrimination
  • Decent working hours
  • No child labour
  • No precarious employment
  • Environmental protection

BSCI covers a broad range of topics, many of which will have their own section in a BSCI audit checklist. Examples of questions to ask when assessing the various areas include:

  • Are employee payslips available?
  • Is there a record of employee time cards?
  • Is there a worker’s participation and welfare fund in your business?
  • Is there a grievance procedure in place?
  • Do you conduct regular hazard and risk assessments?
  • Are there emergency preparedness protocols, particularly regarding fire safety?
  • Are there records of electrical and equipment maintenance?
  • Does your business have the necessary licenses it needs to be able to operate (such as a factory or trade license)?
  • Is your business mindful of/reducing its water consumption?

BSCI audit characteristics

While doing the BSCI audit, it is necessary to keep the following bullets in mind:

  • BSCI audits are done annually
  • The first audit includes an inspection of the site, a review of company records, and one-on-one interviews of random employees to gain an understanding of factory conditions. This is repeated every three years.
  • BSCI audit certification is valid for 3 years

4 tips for BSCI audit certification

While BSCI audit certification is not mandatory and your company can meet ethical conduct requirements without it, certification is a sign of a quality business. To obtain a BSCI certification, you’ll need to adhere to the BSCI values outlined above. 4 things that will help you refine BSCI compliance are:

  1. Learn about the BSCI requirements
    Research the 11 principles of BSCI and find out which conditions signify compliance
  2. Avoid suppliers with known bad working conditions
    If a supplier has a record of controversial or poor employment conditions, avoid involving them in your supply chain
  3. Carry out internal BSCI audits
    Your own inspections of company conditions helps you identify and remove weaknesses and risks
  4. Use a BSCI audit checklist
    Sticking to a clear and detailed BSCI audit checklist ensures you gain a thorough understanding of workplace conditions

Creating BSCI audit checklists using workflow automation

Automating your approach to BSCI compliance with Lumiform makes the inspection and certification process much easier. Thanks to a combination of desktop software and a flexible mobile app, you’re able to carry out BSCI audits no matter where you are as long as you have a smartphone or tablet, and results are automatically documented. Clean, transparent documentation helps to avoid high fines.

Managing the BSCI process with Lumiform also:

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