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Business Continuity Plan Audit

Use our digitized checklist for your company's BCP and identify areas that need to be updated.

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Business Continuity Plan Template for IT

This template is used to identify business functions that are at risk in an emergency and create BCP strategies.

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What is a Business Continuity Plan Template?

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Business Continuity Management (BCM) template is used by business continuity managers and IT teams to develop strategies for maintaining business continuity. These are used in emergencies such as extreme weather events, building evacuations, power outages, etc. The BCP form is used to identify operational areas, resources, recovery strategies with a high impact on the business and the associated personnel.

A business continuity plan template is used in any industry for IT disaster recovery, continuity of customer-related processes, and securing transport and logistics processes.

This article briefly discusses:

1. Advantages of a BCP form

2. The Four Key Components of a Business Continuity Plan Template

3. The Importance of Regular Audits for the Business Continuity Plan

4. A tool to optimize the BCM template

Advantages of an BCP form

Having a template ready in case of emergency is always a good idea to guarantee the following:

  • The company and its processes are still functioning, and the operation does not have to be completely shut down.

  • Avoid expensive start-up times of the company, which can cost you a lot of money and also destroy the reputation of your company.

  • In the event of a crisis that also affects your competitors, a good BCP will give you an immense competitive advantage.

The Four Key Components of a Business Continuity Plan Template

A business continuity plan sample provides guidance to help organizations understand how effectively they can respond to potentially damaging events. The following four key components should be covered by each BCM template:

1. Scope & Goals

Indicates the purpose of the business continuity plan checklist, including specific business functions to be prioritized in the event of an emergency during recovery. This section should include examples of emergencies that would trigger a BCP in response.


This business continuity plan example is designed to ensure continuity of IT services and customer connections in the event of a longer power outage. Power outages can be caused by storms or a building fire. The functional areas prioritized in this BCP for recovery include customer service and the finance team.

2. Vulnerable Business Activities

Includes potential risks in key operational functions that would significantly impact business and customer continuity. This also includes the risk potential for each function, which will help the BCP Committee decide on appropriate preventive measures.


Operations: Customer support

Functional description: Customer support team that handles 24-hour live chat and customer calls worldwide in the USA, EMEA and APAC regions.

Business Impact: Critical

Impact description: 100% of live chats are routed through the Manila customer support team. 20% of live calls are routed to the Manila office. An interruption would mean that live chat support would no longer be possible, and customers would have to wait a long time for calls.

Preventive measures: Project schedule and team plans

3. Recovery Strategy

Describes all relevant procedures for restoring business operations after an incident or crisis. A good strategy includes a realistic time frame for recovery and important emergency resources.


IT staff and BCP committees should consider alternative backup programs and -server to store customer requests after a power outage. Customer support should be able to receive and respond to requests within 30 minutes. The IT manager should operate alternative server rooms in area B if the power outage lasts longer than an hour in order to avoid large revenue losses.

4. Roles Responsibilities

Refers to key persons and the tasks assigned to them during or after an incident. Each member of the committee has a specific set of responsibilities to ensure that a Business Continuity Plan can be successfully implemented for each business function.


Representative: Linda Berg

Function: Head of Operations

Contact details:

Description of responsibilities:

  1. Must ensure that the BCPs are updated and must deal with the Team leaders to vote on changes.

  2. Assists in identifying key stakeholders in the EMEA region about threats in customer support programs and tools.

The Importance of Regular Audits for Business Continuity Plans

An outdated Business Continuity template can lead to a loss of customer confidence, huge revenue losses and damage to brand and corporate reputation. That's why it's critical that the business continuity management template is continually updated.

Regular BCP audits are essential to assess contingency procedures and to determine if vulnerabilities exist. They also help to align procedures with business objectives and industry practices. A modern and efficient business continuity and disaster recovery plan template can help organizations effectively manage unexpected events, avoid additional costs, and continuously develop their overall processes and key positions.

Using Modern Technology for the Business Continuity Plan Template

A paper-based template for the Business Continuity Plan is difficult for management to maintain and keep up-to-date. Lumiform, the powerful mobile app for digital forms, helps companies move to a paperless planning process. Create your own continuity of operations plan template, evaluate the accuracy of the recovery process, and update your plan as needed from your mobile device. With Lumiform, you can:

  • Digitally create and customize a BCP example

  • Forward tasks to key individuals and members of the BCP committee

  • Instantly add photographic evidence to your controls

  • If required, have everything confirmed with electronic signatures

  • Send an updated Business Continuity Plan to your team in a few easy steps

  • Create reports automatically and save them centrally

To help you get started with paperless planning, we've put together the best templates for a sample business continuity plan that you can download and customize for free.

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