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Cessna 172 Checklist

Use a digital checklist for your Cessna 172 check and easily standardize your flight safety measures.

Go paperless, conduct inspections easily and solve issues quicker with your teammates.

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Cessna 172 Aircraft Inspection

This checklist can be used by Cessna 172 pilots to perform checks from pre-flight to securing the aircraft.

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Cessna 172 Preflight

Cessna 172 pilots can use this template to perform pre-flight checks, attach and comment on images of any defects found and immediately notify the technicians so they can react quickly.

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Cessna 150 Checklist

This customizable checklist can be used by Cessna 150 pilots to complete checks from pre-flight until securing of aircraft.

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Cessna 152 Checklist

This customizable checklist can be used by Cessna 152 pilots to complete checks from pre-flight until securing of aircraft.

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What is a Cessna 172 checklist?

A cessna 172 checklist or a cessna 152 checklist are used to standardize flight safety measures during and after flying Cessna aircraft. It is used aircraft fleets to identify problems or potential flight risks at an early stage and to remedy them immediately. The checklist for the Cessna also serves as an orientation aid for flight students and flight instructors to ensure that pre-flight checks are carried out regularly.

This article deals with the topics:

1. Why are pre flight checklist s are important?

2. The importance of preflight checklists

3. Digital technology for more flight safety

Why are pre flight checklist s are important?

Before students leave the runway in a Cessna, they are trained to correctly evaluate flight conditions with the help of a detailed checklist. Preflight checklists are used throughout the flight to ensure that the pilot and crew are prepared for any potential problems. If, due to carelessness, only a single item on the pre-flight, takeoff and landing checklist is omitted, it can have life-threatening consequences.

The importance of preflight checklists

Investigations by international air traffic control authorities have shown that the main cause of life-threatening accidents is that the flight crew did not carry out the flight control check before take-off and did not follow checklists. Regular pre-flight checks are the best way to prevent aircraft crashes and other air accidents. The following is a list of items that are essential to the Cessna checklist:

    Cockpit preparation

    Before the start

  • Roll check
  • Engine test

  • After take off

  • checking: Landing lights, flaps, engine power, altimeter
  • final approach check

  • After landing

  • Parking check

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