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Change Request Forms

Keep an eye on changes and avoid losses with change request forms.

What are change request forms?

A change request is a formal proposal often used by contractors and stakeholders to make changes to the scope of a project. If change requests are not issued immediately, as soon as possible problems with the current project are identified, this can lead to possible legal disputes but also to expenses.

Change request forms are a tool to see what kind of change you’re dealing with, how it will impact the project and then whether it will be done or not. It’s a way to manage the process by capturing the relevant information in one consistent format. The whole team should be informed about change requests.

This article deals with the following topics:

1. Tips for issuing change request forms

2. The main components of a change request form

3. The advantages of a digital solution for the workflow

The main components of change request forms

A change request includes the respective changes and documents the contents and steps. This allows the change to be easily tracked in the aftermath. The topics of a change request can vary greatly depending on the company and the industry. By default, however, the following information should be included in a change request form.

  1. Data about the project
  2. Description of the change
  3. Reason for the change
  4. Impact of the change
  5. Opportunities and risks of the change
  6. Documents to be changed and persons to be informed
  7. Attachments

Tips for issuing a change request form

A change of the original scope of work becomes necessary when various planning errors occur. A change request form documents the change process and makes possible costs and time expenditure transparent. The following steps support you in carrying out the order:

  • Communicate – Notify the owner and determine whether he is considering making adjustments beyond the original scope of work specified in the contract.
  • Create – In the change request, define in detail the planned work to be carried out. This requires new design documents, drawings or other specifications. A cost estimate for work, materials, etc. should also be included in the project plan.
  • Submit – Submit the form together with the required documents to the contractor. Once negotiations have been completed and both parties have agreed on the terms, the work should be completed on time.
  • Check – After the changes to the project have been made, contractors should carry out an inspection to ensure that the conditions set out in the issued change request form have been met. Document the inspection, using photographic material or similar.

The benefits of a digital solution for the workflow

With digital change request forms, you can easily document and carry out the request via tablet or smartphone – online or offline. With the desktop software, you create the relevant content for the change request and then evaluate the collected data. Take advantage of the other benefits for your daily work:

  • The flexible form builder from Lumiform helps you to convert any individual paper list into digital change request forms without much effort.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile app, you and your teammates conduct change requests with ease and in no time.
  • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital change request report.
  • Comprehensive analyses help you to identify inefficient areas in your company more quickly and thus to continuously improve your auditing and inspection processes.
  • Extensive analyses help you to uncover inefficient areas in your company more quickly and thus to continuously improve inspection processes.
  • Authorize change request forms by gathering electronic signatures from all parties involved in the project.
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