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Restroom Cleaning Checklist: Ensure Cleanliness and Safety at All Times

Using a checklist for restroom cleaning makes it easier for you and your team to do the cleaning work at a high level. Checklists are the perfect guides for cleaners and their managers for regular inspections, documentation of cleaning work or for the cleaning schedule.

How to Use a Restroom Cleaning Checklist?

A public toilet must be clean and tidy at all times. Due to the number of people using a public toilets, they are more exposed to germs and bacteria. All areas need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. To make the daily tasks easier, a restroom cleaning checklist is useful.

A restroom cleaning log is useful to track regular cleaning practices. The cleaning staff uses such a cleaning plan for the toilet. The plan serves as a self-check, proof for the prescribed documentation, and as an assessment of cleanliness. At the same time, the last person recorded can be assessed whether the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for cleaning have been followed.

This article addresses the following points:

1. What to look for when cleaning toilets

2. How to make a checklist for cleaning the toilet

3. How to implement a digital cleaning schedule for toilets

Restroom in a small business

What Should Be Looked for When Cleaning Restrooms?

Before preparing the restroom cleaning checklist, define what aspects are important when cleaning public toilets. Follow the steps below to make the cleaning process faster and more organised.

1. Step: Safety First

Before you start cleaning, be sure to put visible warning signs at the entrance of public toilets. This is an easy way to avoid slips or accidents.

2. Step: Clean Restrooms

Dust all surfaces thoroughly, sweep the sheet and then wipe it. Finally, empty the rubbish bin and refill the soap dispenser, disinfectant toilet paper and towels. Make sure that all necessary hygiene items are stocked up.

Other areas of the restrooms that are sensitive to bacteria are sinks, mirrors and countertops. These also need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected several times a day. Also wipe down the taps, bathroom partitions, knobs, doors and walls regularly. Make sure to remove dirt, stains, fingerprints and other marks.

3. Clean Urinals and Toilets

Toilets and urinals must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

How to Create a Restroom Cleaning Checklist

The cleanliness of toilets affects the image of an organisation. With public toilets, you can always expect a lot of users. The more people use them, the more often they need to be cleaned. First and foremost, a restroom cleaning checklist is used to ensure the protection and health of the people who use the toilets on a regular basis

When using a restroom cleaning checklist, the following steps should be taken to ensure safety and cleanliness consistently.

  1. Define all areas to be cleaned
  2. Create a cleaning schedule
  3. Document all items during cleaning
  4. Take photos of weak spots
  5. Note the time and name

Cleaning and disinfection products for public toilets

How to Implement a Digital Cleaning Schedule for Toilets

Creating a restroom cleaning log can be troublesome for those in charge. Analogue toilet cleaning records hanging in public restrooms can easily get lost. This leads to gaps in the cleaning documents and can lead to quality gaps.

Reliable adherence to the restroom cleaning schedule is essential. Lumiform’s mobile app with its digital checklists for reliable record keeping is designed to optimise the cleaning process for public restrooms. The digital solution makes it possible to carry out any kind of quality control easily via tablet or smartphone – online or offline. This saves time, money and also facilitates communication within the team.

Benefit from other advantages of a digital solution for a restroom cleaning checklist

  • With the help of the flexible form builder, any individual paper list is converted into a digital checklist within minutes.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile app, teammates can complete any check with ease and save time.
  • Reports are generated automatically – this saves complete follow-up.
  • Comprehensive analyses help to uncover inefficient areas in the cleaning schedule faster and thus to continuously improve cleaning processes.

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