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Plan projects with an APQP process template

APQP Checklist is a process verification tool used to ensure product quality and process efficiency. It is used to identify and monitor risks, process capabilities, and product performance. It includes checklists for design, process, product, and service reviews.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Plan projects with an APQP process template

APQP Checklist

Planning and Management

Are there employees assigned with the responsibility of APQP planning and management?
Is there enough training or skill available to the APQP cross-functional team?
Are System Level Project Plans utilized?
Are risk and opportunity lists sustained?
Does the cross-functional team keep an open issues record which classifies item description, actions, status, priority, needed and actual completion dates, and responsibilities?

Communication and Collaboration

Does the management give visible leadership of the Advanced Product Quality Planning?
Are Producing Engineering personnel involved in all stages of the design development, management design studies and risk assessments sign-offs?
Are suppliers involved in cross-functional team meetings?
Does the cross-functional team talk on a regular basis to evaluate project timing, targets/objectives versus status, dangers and opportunities, roadblocks, and open design and manufacturing problems?
Does the cross-functional team use metrics to monitor its performance?
Does the marketing and sales department take part in the pre-planning stages to support cost assumptions connected with quality, warranty, and customer satisfaction?
Is the Project Manager accountable for communication between the product and production team members?

Product and Process Design, Development and Validation

Is there a documented Product Development Process?
Does the method proceed through launch, including Product Development Launch support?
Is the process finished and methodical?
Are Design and Process FMEA improvement and application a documented part of the Product Development process?
Do all high-risk failure methods identified on the FMEAs have prevention programs designed into the respective methods?
Are test plans evaluated and updated to meet all customer expectations as section of the Product Development Process?
Are test methods developed for each design level and documented in a Design Verification Plan?
Are control plans used for Prototype, Pre-Launch (Pilot), and Production?


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APQP Checklist is a comprehensive tool used in the automotive industry to ensure the quality of new products. It provides a set of guidelines and includes activities such as planning, design, development, validation, and feedback. The checklist helps to identify any potential problems and risks associated with the product and provides a platform for corrective action. It is also used to ensure that all necessary procedures are followed and that customer requirements are met. APQP Checklist helps organizations to ensure that new products meet customer needs, are cost-effective, and are of the highest quality. It is an important tool for the automotive industry and helps to ensure the quality of the products they produce.

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