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Excavation Safety Toolbox Talk Template

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Excavation Safety Toolbox Talk Template


List hazards on site


Excavation Safety Discussion

Factors you need to consider before beginning an digging project:1. Traffic2. Surface and groundwater3. Soil analysis4. Weather and climate5. Place of the water table6. Overhead and underground utilities7. Amount of ladders that may be required8. Number of protective systems that may are needed9. Proximity and physical form of nearby constructions10. Fall protection demands

Investigate trenches every day before work starts. Do not operate near an unsafe trench.

Don’t work underneath lifted loads.

Keep heavy equipment away from trench ends.

Be cautious of the location of utilities underground.

A qualified person must do the planning and implementation of safety measures.

Check weather circumstances before work, be careful of rain and storms.

Control the atmosphere. If low oxygen and toxic gases were identified, workers should not access the trench.

Wear proper protective gear when you are on the workplace.

Protective systems like benching, sloping, shoring and shielding must be built.

Follow Up Questions

Do all employees thoroughly understand the dangers and the preventive measures before starting an excavation project?

Are there factors which can influence the safety and health of operators?

Were there any events and physical injuries while performing excavation activities?

Are there any accidents that were caused by not wearing fit PPE during work?

Does anyone have any concurrent health conditions which require to be addressed instantly?

Do employees have any other concerns?

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