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Incident Report Templates

10 templates

Incident report templates are important documents in every company as they accurately describe details of an incident, such as a workplace injury, accident or near miss incident. Browse and use our list of incident report samples below.

It is perfectly normal for incidents to occur in companies that have an impact on productivity. Even in your company, this cannot be prevented, so it is even more important to document such an event accurately in an employee incident report. Just in case, you should have a template ready to be filled out by those affected or observing the incident without any hurdles. Many companies also use different templates for different types of incidents. This is an approach you should also adopt for your organization to streamline documentation processes.

Not sure what to start with to create proper incident report templates? Don't worry! In Lumiform's template library, you'll find plenty of examples. You can use them for your purposes, or you can choose one from the list and easily customize it to your needs with our form builder using drag-and-drop - programming and design experience are not necessary. Add to your template any information that is important to your company and any insurers in the event of an incident. Personalize it by adding the company logo. When you're done, you can instantly share your template with all your coworkers via the Lumiform app.

The benefits of using an Incident Report Template include improved accuracy and efficiency when documenting incidents and improved safety for employees and other stakeholders. An Incident Report Template can also provide a clear record of incidents for future reference, which can help with training and compliance. Additionally, an Incident Report Template can help to reduce the time and effort required to document incidents and improve the accuracy of the documentation. An Incident Report Template typically includes fields to document the date and time of the incident, the location and description of the incident, the affected individuals, and the actions taken to address the incident. Additionally, it may include fields to document the names of any witnesses or people involved in the incident and any corrective actions taken.