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Keep factories safe with a factory audit checklist template

This Factory Audit Checklist Template is a useful tool for companies to assess the safety and efficiency of their factory. It includes a comprehensive list of checkpoints to evaluate compliance with regulations, employee safety, and operational performance. It also helps to identify potential areas of improvement.

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General Information
Date established
Total annual sales
No. of Employees
No. of Quality Control Employees
No. of Operators
No. of Machines
Quality Control
Does the supplier has a quality system?
Opinion about the factory'a ability to deliver quality products consistently
Does the factory communicate requirements to its suppliers on its POs (or other documents)? Are these requirements clearly listed?
Are incoming QC results recorded in a formal report?
Are conform samples available to workers in production and QC areas?
Are clear procedures given to each operator and to the QC staff, for each job?
Does final QC occur before or after packing is completed?
Are there QC staff solely dedicated to final QC? How many? Do they only do QC, or also a finishing operation at the same time?
Are final QC results recorded in a formal report?
Is the first-pass yield displayed on a wall, and tracked day-by-day and line-by-line?
Are numbers and details of customer complaints displayed on a wall?
Cost Control
Are top managers (general manager, production manager, finance manager, sales manager, QC manager) part of the owner’s family? Or are they professional managers?
Are there several empty floors?
Can you see recent investments in expensive machinery?
Are there idle machines?
Is equipment failure down time calculated?
Are there checklists for maintenance? Do they seem to be followed?
Visual Control
Is the number of pieces per labor hour displayed on a wall, and tracked day-by-day?
Is the amount of scrapped material displayed on a wall, and tracked day-by-day?
Is the total unit cost displayed on a wall, and tracked day-by-day?
Degree of "Lean-ness"
Can you see a lot of inventory kept before production and kept between each production step?
Before a new product is launched, are some jigs/tools prepared by the engineering department?
Is pre-production inventory well organized?
Is work-in-process inventory stored in a predictable way, or do people need to look around to find what they need?
Where do the components used in production come from? How long does transportation take?
Is production organized as a continuous flow, without any work-in-process inventory visible in the workshop? (best)
Is there a kanban system? (very good)
Is there a production planning, with details for each workshop, and updated every day? (good)
Is there no production planning at all? (worst)
Is there a list of approved subcontractors, who can take over part of the job? For which process steps?
Is there a power generator?
Is equipment failure downtime calculated?
Are there checklists for maintenance? Do they seem to be followed?
Is the proportion of on-time shipments displayed on a wall, and updated at least weekly?
Is the time to make one piece, from start to finish, displayed on a wall, and updated daily?
Can you see a lot of inventory between each production step?
Are there enough fire extinguishers (in workshops, dormitories)? Are they accessible, and up to date?
Are there enough emergency exits? Is it possible to lock them? Are they used as storage areas?
Do workers have appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, glasses, safety boots)?
Are there enough first-aid kits? Are they available and full?
Does production generate a lot of waste? Is this waste treated?
Has the factory invested in energy-efficient equipment?
Summary of Findings
General organization in the factory
Working environment (light, noise..)
Motivation of top management
Ease of mutual understanding
Can they make our product?
Do they have enough capacity?
Do they already sell to our country?
Do they understand our standards?
Full Name and Signature of Inspector/QC Manager
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The Factory Audit Checklist Template is a comprehensive tool to help assess the safety and quality of a manufacturing facility. The checklist includes sections on hazardous materials, fire safety, environmental issues, and more. It provides a comprehensive view of the facility and can be used to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. The template also allows users to customize it for their specific needs, so they can tailor it to fit the particular requirements of their business. With this template, businesses can ensure their facility is safe and compliant, while also improving their overall quality and efficiency.
Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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