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Sustainability Audit Template

Sustainability has become increasingly important as awareness and threats arise alongside one another. Assess your business practices and processes in order to ensure that you are doing the best you can to help protect the environment and work towards even more improvement as you go along.

A checklist ensures that you don't forget any important aspects. As you collect data that you can document and analyse, you become more aware of your environmental sustainability status and can figure out best practices to improve.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Sustainability Audit Template

General Information

Department (if applicable)

Sustainability Audit: General


Does your business have the necessary support and infrastructure to develop a strong sustainability program?

Social Impact

Has your business engaged employees and ensured that they are treated well?
Does your business give back to the community?

Environmental Impact

Is your business attempting to reduce waste?
Is your business trying to conserve resources?
Is your business trying to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce its use of toxic materials (including cleaning products)?
Is your business attempting/strategizing to minimize the environmental footprint of its products?
Is your business engaging with suppliers to promote sustainability?

Project Assessment

Has the planned project been developed with the input of environmental and social stakeholders?
Is the project proposal making sure that the smallest possible amount of resources (soil, water, air, energy etc) is used for this project?
Has this proposal carefully considered potential negative environmental and social impacts in a mid- and long-term perspective?
Will this project still be beneficial with the consequences of climate change like more or less rain, flood and drought risks etc.?
Will this project lead to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions?
Has the project proposal excluded risks of water, air or soil contamination?
Does the project proposal exclude the negative impact of a protected site, a vulnerable are or a highly valuable ecosystem or a nature park?
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