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Home Office Checklist

Use a home office checklist to make your home office workstation ergonomic.

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Ergonomic Evaluation Checklist

Use this ergonomic evaluation checklist to evaluate the workstation setup and employee's posture.

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Office Safety Checklist

This template is used to carry out a security inspection in the office.

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COVID-19 | Self-Assessment Checklist for Home Office

Use this checklist to assess your state of health and your home office workstation.

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What is a home office checklist?

Working from home office has taken a big place in our working life in March 2020. Similar to the office, care should be taken to make the workplace safe to work productively. To also ensure the intended work safety as in the office, the use of checklists is a good idea.

Home office checklists include safe workplace audits, ergonomic assessments, issue documentation, and team management. A home office checklist helps make working in the home office more efficient and safe.

This article addresses the following topics:

1. A home office checklist to perform a risk assessment

2. Working safe from home

3. A digital home office checklist application

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A home office checklist to perform a risk assessment

When setting up the home office, a one-time risk assessment of the workplace must be completed. This is done by walking through the workplace and is performed by the workplace safety specialist. A home office checklist can be used to document and assess the current condition of the home office workplace.

Although we feel very safe at home, the home office workplace also carries some risks. In particular, psychological stress, as well as adherence to work schedules and social isolation, should definitely be assessed and documented.

Working safe from home

Proper equipment is just as important in a home office as it is in a professionally furnished office. An ergonomic workstation, adequate lighting conditions, and taking breaks is still a challenge for many employee. Organizing daily communications, short meetings and larger sessions from the home office are also still unfamiliar to many and raise questions.

A home office checklist serves as a useful guide to keeping your home office safe. Employers can use a home office checklist to better assess employee working conditions. Follow aspects are covered by a home office checklist.

  • Working environment
  • Workplace
  • Lighting
  • room climate
  • ergonomic equipment
  • Working equipment
  • Work organization
  • Internet access

A digital tool for a home office checklist application

Working safely and efficiently from a home office can be a challenge for your employees. A digital app helps teams work safely from the home office and communicate effectively with colleagues.At the same time, the team can be managed quite easily via the app. Tasks can be assigned via the app and completed projects can be viewed transparently for everyone.

Protect your team and yourself by conducting a risk assessment for the home office. To ensure that the daily work routine in the home office is safe and healthy, it is worthwhile to use digital checklists to check occupational safety in the home office. Through the regular checks and simple evaluation of the data in the Lumiform software, you avoid productivity losses and lost wages.

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