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Non-Conformance Report

What is a non conformance report and how do I write one? Use this guide and the attached ncr templates to write ncr reports more efficiently and comprehensively.

What Is an NCR Report and Why Should I Use a Template for One?

A Non-Conformance Report (NCR) is mainly used in construction, manufacturing and project management to document work or a product that has not met the required quality standards. However, it is also frequently used in production and transportation.

These reports are part of the quality control process. Quality managers aim to reduce risks by implementing corrective measures. In addition, the non-conformance report helps to prevent similar situations from recurring in the future.

A checklist for the NCR reporting with standardized questions facilitates the work of the responsible person and ensures that all relevant points are observed.

This article informs about the following topics:

1. The 4 key elements of the non-conformance report

2. Requirements for the non-conformance report

3. A mobile solution for the NCR reporting

Employee creating a non-conformance report checklist

What are the 4 key elements of the non-conformance report?

The non-conformance report template is used, as mentioned above, to record any non-compliance or deviation from the plan as it occurred and create a corrective actions request, as well as to prevent similar incidents from recurring. It is also used to define solutions with a customer and to document any corrective changes made.

An efficiently designed checklist for the non-conformance report essentially contains the following 4 key elements:

  1. Detailed observations on nonconformities
  2. Corrective measures to be taken
  3. The correction process
  4. The closure of the case

What requirements should a non-conformance report fulfill?

A NCR report in accordance with a uniform format is mandatory for the documentation of deviations, as these can have a negative impact on the project. A non-conformance report records quantifiable deviations or divergences or quantifiable differences from a baseline or an expected value. These are then examined in a deviation analysis.

For this to be possible, the non-conformance report must therefore provide a complete, accurate and clear record of the divergence. To ensure this, a checklist for the audit report should finally include the following content and scope:

  • Indicate the objectives, scope and relevant targets
  • Clients, participants, dates and places
  • Detected deviations with the corresponding proofs
  • Summary list of corrective actions to be taken
  • Final evaluation of deviations

Angry businessmen reviewing a non-conformance report

Use mobile app for the non-conformance report

If deviations occur, many paper forms are usually passed back and forth between managers and project team members to report them. However, it is difficult to document observations without the possibility of taking photographs.

This process is time consuming and costly. In addition, many risks remain unresolved and unsupervised over time. The use of a digital inspection application such as Lumiform counteracts such problems.

Every kind of quality and safety inspection is carried out with it simply by tablet or smartphone – online or offline. The desktop software is used to create checklists and later to evaluate the data collected on site. This significantly reduces the risk of quality losses, industrial accidents, documentation errors and damage to reputation.

The benefits of Lumiform for the NCR report at a glance:

  • With more than 9,000 ready-made templates via 9,000 templates, you can immediately start working digitally.
  • Non-conformance reports are generated automatically – this saves the complete post-processing.
  • The efficiency of internal processes is increased: Through more efficient communication within the team, with third parties and with management, as well as faster reporting of incidents, incidents are solved up to 4 times faster than before.

Employee getting the signature of client for their non-conformance report
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