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Improve care with a patient satisfaction survey checklist

Patient satisfaction surveys are an essential tool for offering better care and service to future patients. Regularly conducting these surveys shows you a clear picture of the successes and failures in your patient care process

What is a patient satisfaction survey checklist?


Patient satisfaction surveys are used in the healthcare industry to better understand the quality of your services and treatment. They’re intended to help you improve the way you interact with your patients.


To make sure you’re asking the right questions, it’s a good idea to use a patient satisfaction survey checklist, ideally geared towards the needs of specific patients. Like other medical records, such as SOAP notes, patient feedback surveys are most useful when they’re regular and standardized.


3 steps towards useful patient satisfaction surveys

Getting a sense of the way patients view your care is vital in the medical field. When designing your patient surveys, remember to:

1. Use simple questions

Try to make your questions as precise as possible and use simple language to avoid confusion. A patient satisfaction survey should tell you about your patient’s experience without taking too long or being too complicated.

2. Be empathetic

Phrase your questions in a friendly and unobtrusive way. Patient surveys are a substantial part of a patients’ experience, so show that you appreciate your patients’ time and insights. Include space in your feedback form for additional comments. On top of that, you can make patient surveys faster and more convenient by using more modern technology.

3. Cover all areas

Your patient satisfaction survey should include questions about every area of a patients’ experience (making the appointment, checking-in, waiting, examination, etc.) Make sure to analyze all the steps of your patient’s visit, and plan changes to each accordingly.

Typical questions to ask in a patient satisfaction survey

Patient surveys often ask similar questions with slightly different phrasing to approach patient satisfaction from multiple angles and compare response data more easily. Example questions include:

  • Would you recommend our clinic to others?
  • What could we have done better?
  • Did you have any issues while making an appointment?
  • Were you satisfied with the check-in process upon arrival?
  • Did you have to wait a long time to see the doctor?
  • How much concern did the care provider show for your questions?
  • Did the doctor listen to you carefully?
  • Rate your overall experience with this care provider.
  • Rate how well the staff took care of you.
  • Rate the friendliness/courtesy of the care provider.

Administer patient satisfaction surveys with workflow automation software

Workflow automation software like Lumiform helps both you and your patients get the most out of patient satisfaction surveys. Thanks to the simple mobile app, you can conduct patient surveys even when you’re offline, using a smartphone or tablet. The UI guides care providers through each question in the survey to create a smooth, natural experience for patients.

Use Lumiform’s free checklist creator or available templates to create and distribute standardized patient satisfaction surveys to your employees. That way, feedback collection will be consistent, thorough, and easier to analyze. All the data you collect is stored in the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about storing responses.

Lumiform improves the quality of your feedback process and helps you continuously improve by:

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