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Use a bar checklist to clean, stock, and run your bar

Use a bar checklist to track operations and improve bar management and customer service. Digitize your paper checklists using an app to share incidents more easily and reliably with your team.

Why a Bar Checklist Is Helpful for Running a Bar

Running a successful bar is not something you accomplish overnight. Among many other aspects, it requires careful and effective planning on your part. For this, you need to be developed processes and procedures that are successful. Not to be underestimated, is also the training of the staff in all methods, so that they act responsibly.

All these processes and procedures in the daily bar operation you can cover by checklists. They serve bar managers and staff as a guide for preparing, opening and closing the bar. In addition, a bar checklist helps you comply with operating standards and regulatory requirements, thereby avoiding fines and regulatory closures. By evaluating checklists, you can also streamline operations and processes while your guests enjoy consistent or better service.

This article will tell you about:

1. Best practices for running a successful bar

2. The 5 bar checklists you really need

3. How digital checklists boost your bar business

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Best practices for running a successful bar

There are best practices in bar operations that are no secret but that you should have a handle on if you want your bar to be successful. Take the following four points to heart and teach your team the practices as well. The best way to try to manage them even better is with bar checklists:

No. 1: Make Cleanliness a Boss Issue

The cleanliness of your bar is important to pass health inspections and maintain a good reputation. Before opening the bar, check that equipment, glasses, dishes, silverware, and other utensils are clean, as well as the bar counter, tables, and restroom. While the bar is in operation, you should periodically check to ensure all areas are still in order. The front bar, guest tables, floors, and restrooms are the areas that need frequent cleaning. Also, make sure the trash cans are emptied regularly. When the bar closes, it’s best to clean and prepare everything for the next day.

No. 2: Don’t Let Anything Go to Waste

The worst thing that can happen in a bar is running out of supplies. Even if you checked inventory before opening the bar, check it regularly while the bar is open to know what needs to be stocked the next day

No. 3: Don’t Let Routine Get In the Way

Routine is good for bar organization, but it can also lead to a lack of flexibility in responding to unforeseen changes. Make regular rounds and check to make sure your staff*s following standard operating procedures. Ask guests occasionally if they are satisfied with the service and if anything can be improved.

No. 4: Take Care of Permits and Licenses

You can’t run a bar without permits and licenses. Keep track of when business and liquor licenses need to be renewed. This will help you avoid fines and suspensions.

The 5 bar checklists you really need

A modicum of luck is part of running a successful bar, but it’s actually a lot of work more than anything else. In a bar, you often have to switch from one task to the next. It’s easy to lose track of everything. A bar checklist will help you and your team not skip a step and keep everything in perspective. If you successfully integrate the following 5 bar checklists into your operation, you’ll not only do everything right but also make everyone’s job easier:

1. Bar Operations Checklist

You can use a bar operations checklist to keep track of what’s going on in your bar and make sure proper procedures are being followed. Bar managers can use this bar checklist to verify that all necessary tasks are being completed by the staff according to operating standards.

2. Bar Inventory Checklist

Almost nothing is worse in a bar than when the bar inventory is off. With a bar stock checklist, you’ll make sure your supplies of spirits, mixers, and garnishes are adequate.

3. Bar Opening Checklist

With this bar checklist, you and your team can make sure that all procedures have been done correctly and everything is ready to go before the bar starts. This bar checklist will give you peace of mind that no important task has been forgotten by staff before the bar opens.

4. Bar Closing Checklist

A bar closing checklist is almost as important as a bar opening checklist. Play it safe at closing time and give your staff a guide with this checklist to verify that all essential bar closing procedures have been completed.

5. Bar Maintenance Checklist

In your stressful bar operation, you want to avoid having one of your pieces of equipment fail. The bar maintenance checklist will help you and your team keep equipment checks regular and scheduled. So you can spot problems and failures early.

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How digital checklists boost your bar business

Running a clean and well-organized bar is critical to being profitable and a good bar manager, among other things. It helps to leave a good impression with guests, because no one wants to drink in a dirty bar with poor service.

Bar checklists are the first step to better organize and monitor bar operations. The second step is to digitize these lists. To do this, use a digital app like Lumiform, the powerful mobile checklist app, to guide your team and ensure procedures are followed. No more paper documents will be lost, and you’ll be able to share incidents instantly through the app. Conduct paperless checks on now and boost your cash business:

  • Simply drag and drop to create your first bar checklist using our form builder or select a suitable template from our library.
  • Add photos and annotations during an exam or audit to make your results more descriptive.
  • Assign corrective actions with priority levels to an employee from the app so incidents are addressed and resolved in order of urgency.
  • Generate automatic reports so you can instantly share information with relevant employees to improve visibility across the organization.
  • Run comprehensive analytics to identify areas that need your attention early on and continuously optimize processes in your bar.

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