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CAPA Report Template

A CAPA Report Template is created to help identify, address, and prevent the occurrence of regulatory and organizational non-conformance. This can be used by compliance officers when formulating a corrective action to determine the problem, and when formulating a preventive action to reduce the risk of its recurrence.

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CAPA Report Template


CAPA Report Form

Who is the Principal Investigator?
A defect was found. Explain the deficiency briefly:
Attach a photo evidence of deficiency.
How did you deal with the deficiency?
Write down the Corrective Action Plan (Action was taken to correct particular deficiency identified)
Write down the Preventative Action Plan: (Action was taken to prevent the recurrence of this problem in the future)
Signature of responsible employee:
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CAPA Report Template: An Effective Tool for Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions

A CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) report is a critical tool for identifying and addressing the root causes of problems in a systematic manner. It is an essential part of any quality management system, and a well-structured CAPA report template can greatly simplify the process of root cause analysis and corrective action planning.

A typical CAPA report template includes sections for defining the problem or nonconformity, identifying the root cause(s), proposing and implementing corrective actions, and verifying their effectiveness. The report should also include a timeline for completion and the responsible parties for each action item.

Using a standardized CAPA report template ensures consistency in the approach to problem-solving and allows for easier tracking and analysis of trends over time. It also promotes transparency and accountability within the organization, as all stakeholders can access and review the report.

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