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Delivery Report Templates

9 templates

For you as a supplier, delivery report templates should be part of every order. The delivery document lists all the goods included in delivery order. The document is enclosed with the shipment, either in or attached to the package. It lists the number of products included in the delivery but usually does not list the prices of goods. You can use a template to confirm to the buyer that all products have been delivered as planned. If items are no longer available, you can also note this. Think of your delivery note template as a checklist for creating a delivery note to make sure all products are included in the delivery before you send it out.

There are no strict or mandatory requirements for the delivery form templates, but you should ensure that important details and your branding are included. Learn how to create a delivery receipt with all needed elements. In the Lumiform template library, you will find numerous examples. Choose a template from the list and customize your company's details using our form builder to create your own forms - it's quick and easy. With digital delivery forms, you also save paper and protect the environment by emailing them to your customers when the goods have been dispatched. Use our app to access your standard templates at any time. Although it's not mandatory, you can keep a copy of each delivery document in the cloud to always have proof at the ready. Get started with a digital solution for your delivery paperwork.

A signed copy of the delivery report can be returned from the recipient to you as proof of delivery. This way, you have evidence that all goods have been received and the customer is satisfied. The document also gives customers an overview of the products they’ve ordered as it allows them to cross-check the products they received with their order. Your delivery forms should look serious, so the formal details of a business letter, such as company name, address of your company and the customer, date, etc., should not be missing. Also, think about the design: How do you best present your company? This includes the careful coordination of colors and design elements as well as the integration of the logo. Think about how you can strengthen the recognition value of your company on the delivery report.