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Due Diligence Templates

8 templates

Using due diligence templates you can easily check a company’s economic, legal, tax and financial circumstances. Collect different data to capture future development in terms of success. Before putting money in a capital investment, an investor studies the product on offer. Investments in start-ups and growth companies also need to be subjected to close scrutiny. By using digital templates for the due diligence process from the list below you ensure the completeness of your documentation for the analysis. Learn more about why a due diligence checklist is an essential tool to document your process.

Lumiform offers you ready-made templates that you can easily customize in order to create your own one. Check out our template library and find the right template for your next due diligence report. Regardless if you are looking for real estate or financial due diligence templates. You will find them in our library or you also may create your own easily from scratch. Considering that every case you will conduct is being performed differently, you might customize our digital template and adjust them to your specific case. That's why you can easily customize your own templates or create them from scratch with our smart and intuitive form builder.

Lumiform is very easy to use since the intuitive software guides you through the inspection step by step. By capturing data digitally, you eliminate cluttered paperwork, automate the workflow from data collection and finish due diligence reports faster. Benefit every day from the time savings per case through automatically generated reports. With Lumiform, you don't just digitize your due diligence templates but continuously optimize processes. Perform due diligence cases faster and uncover areas that need your attention instantly.