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Emergency Plan Templates

12 templates

An emergency action plan template contains all the relevant information needed to summon help as quickly as possible in an emergency. Every company must be prepared to act in case of an unexpected accident or event at any time. Below is our list of emergency plan templates covering a range of different industries.

Typical emergencies are fires, explosions, accidents, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. Usually, they occur unexpectedly and suddenly, giving little time to react. It is, therefore, all the more important to be adequately prepared for such a situation. Creating an emergency plan can help execute damage control and minimize the impact on the business. With Lumiform, you and your team can work through all potential emergencies in advance.

What Is Included in an Emergency Action Plan?

An effective emergency plan for companies deals with the appropriate precautions for fire protection (including warning, alarm, and extinguishing devices), the design of escape and rescue routes, and the organization of first aid (including first aiders, first aid kits, first aid numbers). It also involves the training of employees in emergency situations and the posting of emergency numbers and contact information. With all contingencies considered, an emergency plan allows for an orderly and thoughtful approach to critical situations.

What Are the Advantages of Using Emergency Action Plan Templates?

There are so many workplace dangers employees encounter daily that large companies have entire divisions dedicated to managing the risk. For every emergency, there needs to be a documented plan. These can sometimes include hundreds of pages! That’s where templates come in. They provide a clear outline of all contact information, forms, plans, etc. that will be vital to surviving the emergency event. Here are some of the chief advantages of using templates to help develop an emergency action plan:

  • Reduce the amount of injuries and death
  • Minimize the risk of lawsuits
  • Keeps the business up and running
  • Helps you stay self-sufficient

To cover all your bases and minimize your susceptibility to emergency situations, consider conducting frequent risk assessments and fire inspections with templates.

How Can I Use Lumiform to Create an Emergency Action Plan Template?

Don’t know how to create a business emergency plan that makes sense and considers every eventuality? Don’t worry! In Lumiform’s template library, you can find numerous templates for emergency services and action plans. Choose one of the templates, load it into our form builder, and adapt it to your company.

Our templates help you to proactively identify deficiencies in emergency planning and improve health and safety in the workplace. Use your template via the Lumiform app to include photo evidence and report weaknesses on the spot. Make emergency planning easier and keep it up to date by using a digital template.