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First Article Inspection Report Template

Quality inspectors use a template for the initial sample inspection report to properly document the inspection of the manufacturing process and to avoid costly production delays. A First Article Inspection Report template is used to document the results of inspections performed on a product's initial production run. It includes a checklist of characteristics that must be verified and approved, as well as a summary of any non-conformance issues detected during the inspection.

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First Article Inspection Report Template


First Article Inspection

Name the Type of First Article
Type of FAI

Raw Materials & Processes

Material or Process Name
Specification Number
Name of Supplier
Supplier Address

Special Processes

Was a special process involved?

Functional Tests

Is a functional test going to be performed?

Manufacturing Process Verification

Characteristic Number
Reference Location
Characteristic Designator
Result of Inspection
Designed Tooling
Is this characteristic non-conforming?


Further Comments:
This signature indicates that all characteristics are accounted for and meet drawing requirements or are properly documented for disposition.
Signature of Quality Inspector
Signature of Production Manager
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A First Article Inspection Report Template is a document used to record the results of a manufacturing inspection. It is used to ensure that a product meets the customer's expectations and specifications, and that it is built to the highest quality standards. The report includes detailed information on measurements, assembly, materials, and other critical components of the product. It also includes any corrective actions that were taken to address any discrepancies found during the inspection. The template is a valuable tool for manufacturers and quality control teams to ensure that their products meet the highest standards.

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