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Forklift Daily Checklist Template

The Forklift Daily Checklist Template is an easy-to-use tool that can help to ensure that your forklift is safe and running properly. It provides a comprehensive checklist of items to check, from basic safety and maintenance checks to more detailed inspections. It also allows for easy tracking of any issues that may arise.

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Forklift Daily Checklist Template


Inspection Items to be done daily. Check off all items that are functioning correctly.
Parking Brake
Moving Brake Test
Oil levels acceptable
Clutch & gearshift moves smoothly
Hoses free of kinks
Dash lit and all gauges operational
Steering moves smoothly
Forks rises to top
Forks lowered to ground
Tilt mechanism moves without difficuty
Cylinders and hoses not leaking
Tires in good condition
All lights working
Electrolyte levels acceptable in battery (if applicable)
If any of the above inspection items are not in a satisfactory condition, indicate in box below what the deficiencies are and immediately report them to your supervisor.
(check name not set)
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A Forklift Daily Checklist Template can help you to keep track of your tasks and make sure that everything is being done as scheduled. This template includes a list of items that should be completed each day on the forklift, as well as specific times during which they should be completed. It also provides space for you to record any notes or observations related to the task at hand. By using this checklist, you'll be able to stay organized and ensure that all critical duties are completed on schedule.

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