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Lockout Tagout Procedure (LOTO) Checklist

Use a checklist to ensure that the lockout tagout procedure is followed.

What is lock out tag out procedure checklist?

The maintenance safety procedure, also known as lockout tagout (LOTO), is performed at workstations in various industries to prevent machines and equipment from being inadvertently energized. At the same time, they are being maintained or repaired by workers. These are technical devices, final control elements of a technical system, such as switches, stop valves or ball valves.

Maintenance safety is prescribed by industry standards and regulations, yet the LOTO process is still considered one of the most common health and safety violations. Following the procedure, protect many lives at work every year. Using a lockout tag out procedure checklist will help you to ensure that all machinery and equipment is properly parked, locked out and marked before maintenance checks are carried out.

A maintenance safety checklist is used by safety officers and managers to ensure that steps are taken to ensure the isolation of energy sources during the maintenance of industrial plant or heavy machinery. This is intended to protect machine operators and maintenance workers from hazards such as accidental power-up or contact with hazardous power sources.

This article informs about the following points:

1. The steps to create a lockout tagout procedure checklist

2. The contents of a lockout tagout procedure checklist

3. A digital tool to create lockout tagout from

The steps to create a lockout tagout procedure checklist

It is necessary to maintain or repair machines and equipment regularly. However, this work is potentially dangerous if it is not carried out properly and without a safety interlock. The following four steps can be followed by safety officers and assigned individually to ensure that the maintenance interlock is performed properly.

1. Prepare a lock out tag out procedure checklist for the maintenance safety device

Such a checklist is best created by first carrying out a risk assessment. This identifies the risks involved in handling the machine or plant and its surroundings. For this purpose, certain measures must be defined to identify and isolate the power sources so that the risks can be limited by the safety interlock.

2. Inform all affected employees

Employees must be notified when a machine or system is to be serviced or repaired. So that they do not remove the maintenance fuse. Contractors should provide exact information about which machine is to be shut down and for how long.

3. Switch off and shut off machines or plants

All primary and secondary energy sources must be identified and switched off. For this purpose, they must be sufficiently isolated so that there is no longer any danger to employees.

As an additional safety measure, the machines or devices can be locked off with signs or tapes. In this way, employees can immediately see that they are currently not in operation.

4. Switch on machines or plants again

After maintenance or repair, all tools, and unwanted objects should be removed. Afterward, all safety locks can be removed, and the machine or system can be put back into operation step by step. As a final action, all employees are informed that the machine or system is back in operation.

All the above steps can best be carried out with a checklist to ensure that all steps have been followed and that the safety of the employees has been guaranteed throughout.

The contents of a lockout tagout procedure checklist

A lock-out tag-out procedure checklist assurance varies in scope and content depending on the type of machine or plant and the industry in question. However, six sections can be found in every process template and safety checklist.

1. Information on the plant or machine
All relevant information on the machine or system as well as on maintenance or repair is written down in this section. Besides, the energy sources that can cause damage if they are not insulated are noted.

2. Inspection of the environment
This section checks whether there are any objects in the vicinity of the machine or plant which could interfere with the work. Employees who will not be working on maintenance or repairs should also leave the area for the time of the work.

3. Employee
Employees are informed about their responsibility towards the machine or plant in the lockout tagout procedure.

4. Maintenance fuses
Before starting work, make sure that all fuses are in place. Also, the employee who is responsible for the fuse must be named.

5. Application of the fuses
Before installing the fuses, make sure that all power sources are isolated. Once this has been implemented, the devices for species protection can be connected.

6. Removal of the fuses
This section states that, on completion of the work, the tools must be removed and the machine guards reattached. The maintenance fuses may be removed by the persons who fitted them. The machine or system can be put back into operation.

A digital tool to create lockout tagout from

It is a challenge to comply with the safety regulations for maintenance step by step. The mobile app helps companies and employees to meet this challenge. Every maintenance assurance per checklist can be done with the digital application easily by tablet or smartphone – online or offline. The individually created checklists and simple data evaluation via the desktop software significantly reduce quality losses, accidents at work and documentation errors.

The mobile app, together with the desktop software, offers maintenance managers and repair teams numerous advantages:

  • With the flexible form construction kit, paper lists can be converted into digital checklists within a few minutes.
  • Real-time data are generated for all steps. This makes safety measurable and procedures can be continuously optimized.
  • Throughout the lockout tagout procedur, the backup team keeps track of what is happening on site.
  • Thanks to the intuitive app, it is ensured that all inspections are always completed on time.

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