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Pharmacy Audit Template

Improve everyday-operations in your pharmacy with this pharmacy audit template, which you can besides customise to your requirements. Use Lumiform and this template to develop standard procedures in pharmacies and drugstores, including the provision and supply of services.
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Pharmacy Audit Template
Responsible Pharmacist Appointment
Is a sign conspicuously displayed on the registered pharmacy premises detailing the name and registration number of the pharmacist in charge and the fact that s/he is currently in charge of the recorded pharmacy?
Pharmaceutical procedures
Is enough and current SOP in place for arrangements which are to implement during the nonexistence of the competent pharmacist?
Is there enough and updated SOP for circumstances in which a member of pharmacy personnel who is not a pharmacist may inform about medicinal products?
Is there adequate and updated SOP for arrangements to guarantee to order, store, make, sell and supply medicinal products in the conditions corresponding to retail sale, delivered outside the pharmacy and placed of safely and effectively?
Is there proof that the pharmacy procedures are examined?
Is there enough and current SOP for proper recordkeeping?
Is there enough and updated SOP for the identification of members of the pharmacy team who are, in the opinion of the competent pharmacist, able to perform specified tasks linking to the pharmacy business?
Is an adequate and updated SOP if criticism is made about the pharmacy profession?
Is there enough and updated SOP in place for actions to be taken when there is a change of responsible pharmacist at the pharmacy?
Is there adequate and updated SOP in place for the case that an incident happens, which may indicate that the pharmacy business is not working safely and efficiently?
Is there adequate and updated SOP for how to notify changes to the pharmacy procedures to the workers?
Pharmacy record
Is the pharmacy record sustained for at least five years?
Is there a confirmation that the pharmacy record is accurate?
In case of absence
Is the qualified pharmacist present in the registered pharmacy?
Training for staff
Are the staff properly trained for the tasks offered or undergoing relevant training?
Service provision
Are SOPs in place where needed?
Do service preparations comply with best practice?
Is there enough audit trail to distinguish other staff involved in the dispensing method?
Check a random sample of medicines awaiting collection to assure, for example, the use of proper advisory and cautionary warning labels, suitable container. Do they match the medicines act?
Is there a sufficient audit trail to distinguish the pharmacist responsible for the supply?
Are there adequate methods for handling medication or dosage changes happening mid-cycle?
Are medicines provided in MDS for domiciliary cases?
Are medicines supplied in MDS for patients in care facilities?
Medicine Stock, Containers, and Storage
Are unlicensed medicines in stock?
Are medicines stored properly? (i.e. in original boxes, fully marked, no loose blisters, mixed batches and in an orderly fashion)
Are medicines stored in proper conditions? (e.g. temperature, humidity etc.).
Are there enough data checking methods in operation?
Are dispensing containers properly stored?
Are private prescription records lawfully compliant?
Does the pharmacy keep an error log and systems for documenting and auditing dispensing mistakes that have reached the patient?
Are emergency supply reports lawfully compliant?
Are poison documents legally compliant (including grants and other documentation where required)?
Are specials records legally compliant?
Are there proper records of extemporaneously made products (incl. Methadone)
Does the pharmacy keep records of clinical interventions / notable events?
Are documents of sales of veterinary medicines lawfully compliant (Veterinary Medicines Regulations)?
Does the pharmacy keep incident or near-miss logs and systems for documenting and inspecting mistakes picked up throughout the dispensing process?
Waste Disposal
Are staff trained to handle waste and is proper protective equipment available (including gloves, overalls and materials to deal with spillages)?
Are returned medicines clearly separated?
Are there methods for the management of date expired pharmacy goods?
Are there methods for the safe disposal of returned medicine from individuals or households/care homes, including dangerous waste?
Are chemicals deposited, marked and supplied in agreement with the Chemicals Regulations?
Are COSHH evaluations available for dangerous chemicals stocked or provided?
Information Sources
Is an information pack in place for locums?
Are primary information services or reference sources available and updated?
Is there a system for handling drug alerts?
Is computer software frequently updated?
Are computer records frequently backed up?
Is the use of data registered correctly?
Are patient confidential computer records available only to personnel who need access?
Premises Check
Stock rooms
Store area
Dispensary area(s)
Fassade and front access to premises
Consultation room
Others (e.g. toilets, external stores)
Sign Off
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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