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Property Inspection Checklist Template

In this property inspection checklist, you'll find vital reminders to check your keys and doors, mailbox, and signage before buying or selling a property. Check if the building has roof access and assess its safety. You can also add and annotate photos of any damages that need repair or maintenance that needs doing and assign the task to a responsible employee via the app. Inspect your property according to FHA inspection guidelines.

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Property Inspection Checklist Template


1. Keys and Doors

1.1 Are keys needed for access?
1.2 Are doors in working order? Provide photo of door with corresponding key
1.3 Is there a functioning key safe box installed at the property?

2. Owners Corporation Mailbox

2.1 Is the Owners Corporation mailbox sealed?

3. Owners Corporation Signage

3.1 Is the Owners Corporation sign clean and clearly visible?

4. Logbook Cabinet

4.1 Is the Logbook Cabinet in working order?
4.2 Are the relevant documents inside? List documents present.

5. Maintenance

5.1 Is there any lighting that needs attention?
5.2 Is common property clear of debris / rubbish / personal belongings?
5.3 Are stairways and aisles kept clear and useable?
5.4 Is the garden well maintained?
5.5 Is the line marking & signage adequate in the car park area?

6. Safe Roof Access

6.1 Is there safe access to the roof? Provide photo and description.

7. Back Flow Prevention

7.1 Is the Back Flow device applicable to this property?
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Sustain your inhabited property with a property inspection checklist

Before making an offer on or selling a property, it is important to take the time to conduct a thorough inspection. This property inspection checklist can help you keep track of all the key points that need checking before your purchase or sale goes through.

Once you've inspected each area of your potential purchase or sale home according to this property inspection checklist, assign tasks either using the Lumiform app, informing list members with specific instructions or assigning specific employees within your team who will handle these repairs/maintenance tasks once they're completed. Following these simple steps will ensure that buyers and sellers are fully prepared when negotiations commence.

A property inspection checklist can help landlords, facility managers or real estate agents to prove that the rented property is in good condition before, during, and after the tenant move-in. Conducting a thorough visual inspection of the premises and exterior appearance will help ensure no issues are missed. The following items are included in Lumiform's provided property inspection checklist and aim to be checked before renting or selling your property

  • Key and doors
  • Owners corporation mailbox
  • Owners corporation signage
  • Logbook cabinet
  • Maintenance of the space
  • Safe roof access
  • Back flow device
  • Lumiform's checklists are customizable and intuitive and can be adjusted to your needs and concerns. You can adapt the provided property inspection checklist to the requirements applicable to your property's commerce in a simple and digital manner.

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