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Residential Pool Inspection Checklist

Take the health and safety of your swimming pool into your own hands with this fully digital Residential Pool Inspection Checklist. By doing so, you can guarantee that you and any swimmers that enter your pool are protected from any water-born illnesses or injuries that are associated with improper upkeep or lack of care. Pairing this Residential Pool Inspection Checklist with our free Swimming Pool Safety Checklist can absolutely confirm that you've taken all the right steps towards a safe and fun environment for yourself and other pool-goers.

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Residential Pool Inspection Checklist

Daily Pool Residential Cleaning Checklist

Add sanitizer in small doses to maintain the free chlorine level at 1-3 ppm (as per standard).
Check pH levels.
Is your pool a saltwater pool?
Is your pool a chlorine pool?
Let the pool's water pump circulate the entirety of the pool's water through the filter at least once.
Skim the surface of the water to clear and dirt and debris.

Bi-Weekly Residential Pool Cleaning Checklist

Check total alkalinity levels along with chlorine/salt and pH levels to confirm they maintain the proper amounts.
Vacuum the pool along with skimming to rid it of any leaves, bugs, or debris.
Check for any leaks.
Make sure all pool equipment is in working order for optimal pool cleanliness.

Weekly Residential Pool Cleaning Checklist

Treat your pool's water with algaecides.
Use super chlorination to rid your pool of chloramines.
Shock the pool to prevent algae growth and stop contaminants (evenings only).

Monthly Residential Pool Cleaning Checklist

Clean/backwash your pool's filter when/if the pressure in the filter raises above its usual reading.
Check your water for metal(s).
Check your pool water's cyanuric acid levels.
Check your pool water's calcium hardness.
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