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Scaffold Inspection Checklist Template

This scaffold inspection checklist can be used by inspection professionals in the scaffolding industry for safety checks. The following guidelines should be observed when using the checklist:

  • Start the checklist by gathering general information about the structure
  • Make sure that the foundation and floor of the scaffold are safe and check that the height is within the specified dimensions
  • Check that the platforms, braces, tubes and supports are correctly assembled and record any defects
  • Check the load capacity and access to the scaffold
  • Finally, update the scaffold trailer and record the condition photographically

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Scaffold Inspection Checklist Template


General Requirements

Have workers who use the scaffold been trained by a qualified person to acknowledge the hazards connected with this type of scaffold and know the performance of their responsibilities related to it?
Is the scaffold being constructed under the directions of a qualified person?
Is the maximum loading on this type of scaffold identified and communicated to workers?
Have employees who erect, disassemble, move, work, repair and examine the scaffold been trained by a qualified person to identify the hazards associated with this type of scaffold?
Is the weight on the scaffold (including point loading) within the manufacturer maximum load for this particular scaffold?
Are tag lines in place for items to be placed on to the scaffold?
Are all braces, bearer, and clamps secured, all sections pinned and properly secured?
Have all components been examined for defects such as broken welds, corroded parts, missing locks and bent or dented tubes?
Are severe weather provisions available i.e. through high winds, rain, snow or bad weather?
Are 4:1 scaffolds guyed or secured as needed?
Is the scaffold on base plates?
Are mud sills level, sound and solid?
Is the front of the scaffold within 35 cm of the work?
Is the scaffold plumb and squared?
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Fall Protection

Are work platforms completely decked?
Are JBI workers required to use PFAS all the time?
Are required guardrails, mid-rails and toe boards available?
Is there a safe entrance to all work platforms ?
Is fall protection needed?
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