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Van Maintenance Checklist Template

A van maintenance checklist is a list that consists of items that need to be inspected or tasks that need to be performed for the proper maintenance of a van. These tasks can be done by drivers, mechanics, and other relevant parties on a regular basis. With proper and regular maintenance, the life of the vehicle is extended.

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General information
Van Model
Registration Number
Current Mileage
Next Service Due
Is the air conditioning & heating working?
Are the windows operating as normal?
Does the central locking work as normal and securing the vehicle?
Do the seatbelts operate correctly?
Are The Interior Lights Working?
Are mirrors adjusted correctly?
Is the dashboard free of warning lights?
Engine Compartment
Does the windscreen washer work effectively?
Is the engine oil level above the minimum?
Is the coolant above the minimum?
Is the battery operating effectively and starting the van?
Are the windows and windscreen in good condition and free of cracks?
Are the windscreen wipers working effectively and clearing the windscreen?
Are the headlights operating effectively?
Are the rear lights & brake lights working?
Are the tyres in a good working condition with no bulges or splits?
What's the front left tyre pressure?
What's the front left tyre depth?
What's the front right tyre pressure?
What's the front right tyre depth?
What's the rear left tire pressure?
What's the rear left tire depth?
What's the rear right tire pressure?
What's the rear right tire depth?
Is the horn working effectively?
Is your health & safety bag fully stocked & ready for use?
Are the wheels fitted securely?
Is the exhaust system rattling or blowing?
Are the indicators operating as normal?
Has the exterior van been cleaned?
Additional comments/observation
Add observations/comments here
Body Work Damage
If there is body work damage, please upload a picture
Picture or damage
I hereby certify that all information is accurate and that an actual inspection was conducted.
Auditor's Name & Signature
Auditor's Signature
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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