Property Inspection App

Monitor, evaluate, and optimize property valuations with the appropriate property inspection app directly via your mobile device.

QMS Software & App

Lumiform is your QMS software and a guarantee of success for your quality management.

Quality Control Software for M...

Ensure the highest quality standards during production until delivery to the customer and bring transparency to your production processes. Keep it simple, stay flexible and go mobile with Lumiform's manufacturing quality control software.

Restaurant Inspection App

Guarantee food safety, hygiene standards and service quality through the use of the Restaurant Health Inspection Software & App.

Risk Assessment App

Identify security issues right at the point of risk with a Risk Assessment Software and App.

Risk Management Software

Improve your company's risk management data quality with a Risk Management Software & App.

Roof Inspection Software

Improve the quality of your roof maintenance program with a roof inspection app. You’ll benefit from large cost savings and increased maintenance team effectiveness. So, equip your team with Lumiform’s Roof Inspection Software.

Safety Inspection App

A safety inspection app can be a powerful tool to improve safety in your workplace. With the help of our software, you will be able to identify potential hazards and be proactive. With regular inspections and by using cleverly applied technology you can avert any dangers before they cause costly accidents.

Safety Management Software

Skyrocket your team’s ROI stats to newer heights by learning about safety management software and its different types of systems. With the best practices you can find in Lumiform’s safety management app — including system description and task reviews — your team can surpass the highest level of safety requirements mandated by law.

Vehicle Inspection App

Keep your vehicles and your fleet in top condition with the help of an vehicle inspection software.

Visual Inspection Software

Conduct your own visual inspection using Lumiform's digital solution. All data gets automatically stored in the cloud and you receive a report with the results of the inspection.

Workplace App

Always ensure the occupational safety of your team by using an extremely powerful but surprisingly simple workplace app. Use it to automate daily tasks error-free which helps you and your firm reach target goals faster and devoid of mistakes. With Lumiform, you can bundle all-important workplace safety solutions seamlessly— even modules, reminders, and accident reports — and make them available to your team so solution actions can be automatically executed.