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Hotel Inspection Report: The Perfect Guide For Event Planners

Helps inspectors check whether a hotel has the amenities they are looking for use the venue.

What Is a Hotel Inspection Report?

Customers that host a big event conduct a hotel or venue inspection. They want to know if the function room has enough space for the guests. The clients can do the inspection. Others assign someone else to do the task and give them a hotel site visit checklist.

The inspector prepares a report and gives it to the clients. The narrative contains the dimensions of the room. He notes down the number of chairs and tables. Confirm the availability of devices necessary for seminars, conferences, or lectures.

Seminars and conferences for a day or more may include accommodation and food. In this case, the inspector must check the menu, quality of food, and price.

For accommodation, the checker determines if the rooms are clean. Are the beds
comfortable? Check if the bathroom is clean and If there are clean towels. Is the shower working?

The surveyor must include information about the cleanliness of the place. Facilities important to the event must be available.

This article covers the following topics:

1. The types of hotel inspections

2. What to look for when conducting a hotel site inspection

3. The advantages of digital hotel inspection checklists

Hotel guest eating breakfast in bed

What Types of Hotel Inspection Are?

Hotels are hospitality establishments. They provide accommodation for people away from home. These establishments host small to big events. People hold wedding receptions, meetings, and conferences in hotels.

Hotel site visit checklist give the owner and management time to improve services.

Hotel owners or managers can expect inspections. Clients and concerned government agencies conduct inspections. They want to check their compliance with hotels to legal requirements. There are several types of hotel inspection and they are as follows:

  • Hotel room inspection
  • Hotel site inspection
  • Pre-event site inspection checklist
  • Hotel health and safety inspection

1. Hotel Room Inspection

This type of hotel room inspection checklist covers general guest room cleanliness, maintenance, amenities, and settings. Here is a sample checklist for the room survey.

  1. Doors work properly.
  2. Doors open and close properly and quietly.
  3. Light switches are working properly.
  4. Windows open and close properly.
  5. Windows are free of cracks.
  6. The window glass is clean.
  7. The drapes are straight and working properly.
  8. Controls of air conditioning or heater work properly.
  9. The air conditioning filter is clean.
  10. Beds are properly made pillows fluffed and straight.

Guest rooms must have clean ashtrays, a telephone directory, and a phonebook.

The inspector must also mention in the report if the room needs maintenance. If there are damages, the checker must take a picture and attach it to the report.

2. Hotel Site Inspection

Hotel site inspection covers the general cleanliness of the hotel and its surroundings. Below is a sample checklist:

  1. Cleanliness of the hotel
  2. The eagerness of the staff to get your business
  3. Enough meeting rooms and overnight guest rooms
  4. Rates
  5. Function rooms
  6. Activities in surrounding areas
  7. Flexibility with group needs
  8. Suitability to attendees
  9. Transportation
  10. Accessibility

The site inspection report must specify airports and other amenities nearby. He must describe the condition of the surrounding areas.

3. Health and Safety Inspection

Hygienic and safe practices of a hotel are important. For health and safety inspectors, here is a sample of the checklist for kitchen operation.

  1. Cover stored food
  2. Clean storage areas
  3. Separate meat from other foods
  4. Staff checks received goods for quality and quantity
  5. Check expiration dates

What Should Look for When Conducting a Hotel Site Inspection?

Hotels are the most popular choice for an events site. Almost everything that the activity requires is in hotels. If the event is for a few days, staying in the hotel for the duration is the most convenient.

How do you choose a hotel venue? Here are some tips.

1. Make a guest list.

Prepare a preliminary list of your guests. It will help you estimate the space you will need. Knowing the venue capacity will prevent having too much or too small space.

2. Choose the right location

The location must be convenient for your guests. Hold wedding receptions close to the wedding venue.

Opt for a hotel near airport seminars or conferences. Many of the guests will take a plane to your city. You can narrow your hotel choices to those near the site.

3. Choose a location that suits the event

The venue must suit the event. Hotels have function rooms for this purpose. Rent a place with a spacious function room. Others would select a convention center for big crowds.

Hold children’s parties in hotels that have amenities children will love. Hotels with
swimming pools are ideal. Another good choice is a hotel close to an amusement park or a children’s park.

4. Consider the theme of the event

Huge and elaborate weddings need a venue with classic elegance. The most ideal location can be a classic home or a grand hotel ballroom.

You can hold a reception for simple weddings in one of the smaller function rooms in a hotel. You can also have it in resort hotels.

5. Stay within the budget

Consider your budget when you select a place. Be clear on how much you can afford for food, entertainment, and location. Set aside an amount to cover extra expenses.

6. Inquire about amenities and other fees

Most amenities come with the venue package. Yet, consider extra fees for items outside of the package.

7. Tour event venues

Tour the place to see the space and amenities. Seeing the venue will help you estimate its capacity and amenities.

8. Gather information from others

Talking to people who are familiar with the site you have chosen. It is one way of knowing the suitability of the place.

9. Do some due diligence. Using a reputable place will prevent problems.

Check or tour a hotel or other event sites before you close the deal. This will save you from problems that can affect the atmosphere during the occasion.

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Why Use a Digital Hotel Inspection Checklist?

Lumiform makes it easier for you to comply with the ever-increasing legal requirements for hotels. Use the Lumiform mobile app for documentation via smartphone or tablet, the app guides you through all documentation processes. Clean, transparent documentation helps you avoid high fines.

With the app, you can develop a paperless Hotel Inspection Report according to SOP within minutes or use one of our templates. Easily add a variety of functions, like capturing photos, signatures, checkboxes and much more to support your inspection procedure. At the end, you can export your completed hotel site visit checklist and send it straight to supervisors. The best part? Can be accessed at any time and from anywhere

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