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Site Inspection Checklist

Site Inspection Checklist is an essential document used to record the condition of a property or site. It can help to identify potential risks and damages, as well as ensure that all necessary safety precautions are in place. The checklist is customizable and can be used for both residential and commercial properties.

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Site Inspection Checklist


Safe Premises

Are the premises clean ?
Are the workplace, equipment, systems and devices maintained in an efficient state, efficient working order and in good repair ?
Are floors in good condition and free from obstruction ?
Are floor openings adequately protected against falls ?
Are staircases safe and fitted with a handrail ?
Is an adequate level of lighting provided ?
Is the workplace too hot or too cold ?

Safe Processes

Are the various operations carried out safely ? Look particularly at :
Manual Handling
Driving of fork lift trucks
Storage of raw materials and finished products
Ergonomic aspects of machine operation
Use of hazardous substances

Safe Plant and Machinery

Are machines adequately guarded and fitted with appropriate safety devices ?
Are power sources to machinery properly connected ?
Can machinery and plant be cleaned safely ?
Are machines maintained in an effective state, efficient working order and in good repair ?
Is there a formally documented, planned preventive maintenance schedule for machinery ?
Are hand tools in good condition, well-maintained and used correctly ?

Safe Materials

Are materials being handled safely ?
Are some of the materials dangerous, such as radioactive substances, chemical substances or biological agents ?
Are these substances correctly packaged and labelled ? look for anything stored in unlabelled containers
Is there adequate information on the safe handling of materials and substances ?

Safe Systems of Work

Are safe systems of work established for potentially hazardous operations ?
Are these safe systems of work followed implicitly ?
Is a permit-to-work system used where there is a high degree of foreseeable risk ?

Adequate supervision

Is the level of safety supervision adequate ?
Are line managers adequately trained in their health and safety duties ?

Care of the Vulnerable

Are vulnerable groups exposed to specific risks ?
Do such persons need to receive some form of medical or health surveillance ?
Are specific provisions made for the supervision of vulnerable groups ?

Personal Protective Equipment

Does the PPE provided meet the requirements necessary for the particular hazards and risks of the workplace ?
Is there a formal procedure for selection and assessment of PPE ?
Do those employees exposed to risks wear their PPE correctly and all the time they are exposed to those risks ?

Safe Access to Work

Are access roads and internal gangways kept clear; maintained and well lit ?
Are specific provisions made for ensuring safe work at height and below ground level, e.g. Scaffolds, mobile access equipment, protection of excavation ?
Are ladders and scaffolding well- maintained and used correctly ?

Competent and Trained Personnel

Are competent persons, e.g. for electrical maintenance work, clearly identified ?
Are operators adequately informed, instructed and trained in safe systems of work ?
Are first-aiders adequately trained ?

Personal Hygiene

Is there a risk of occupational skin conditions through poor levels go hygiene ?
Are adequate welfare amenity facilities provided ?
Is there a prohibition on the consumption of food and drink in working and storage area ?

Careful Conduct

Do operators behave safely during their work ?
Were any unsafe practices noted ?
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A Site Inspection Checklist is a document used by engineers, contractors, and other professionals to assess the condition of a construction site. The checklist includes items related to safety, structural integrity, and other important factors that must be addressed before construction can begin. It is an important document that helps ensure that construction projects are completed in a safe and efficient manner. The checklist includes items such as verifying the presence of a certified safety officer at the site, checking fire safety equipment, verifying proper levels of lighting, inspecting the quality of the soil, and other safety-related items. This checklist helps to ensure that all potential hazards are identified and addressed before construction begins.

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