Induction checklist

Induction checklist

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Employee Induction Checklist

Checklist for induction of all new employees

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Staff Induction Checklist

Employees’ awareness of safety regulations is as important as keeping your workplace safe. Use staff induction checklist to verify safety rules, policies, responsibilities, rights, and benefits are thoroughly explained during induction. Use Lumiform to record data of each employee that have undergone safety induction.

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What is an induction checklist?

An induction checklist is used by human resource teams to support the incorporation of new workers or external contractors. Using a digital checklist to prepare for the induction of new employees, helps your company ensure that all new hires have all the information they need to start in their new position, including safety and quality standards and the organization's culture.

In this article we will talk about:

1. 9 basic components of an induction checklist

2. A digital tool for creating your own induction checklist

9 basic components of induction checklist

  1. Welcome email
    It is advisable to send an email with relevant information days before the start. For example, with information about what you need to bring on the first day of work, how to get to the office and what is the appropriate dress code.

  2. Walk through the facilities
    Take a short walk around the workspace so you know where each of the meeting rooms and toilets are located. You can also take the opportunity to make a brief informal introduction to the rest of the workers.

  3. Access card
    If employees need to have some kind of ID or access card to gain access to the building, make sure they are available for their first day.

  4. Credentials for access to the platforms
    Organizes all users and accesses of new employees, such as access to their work mail or any other digital tool that is used.

  5. Bureaucratic documents
    On the first day during the induction of new employees it will also be necessary to complete some formalities such as signing the contract, a copy of your identity card or health insurance. Make sure that you reserve at least one hour to complete the paperwork.

  6. Basic information
    Provide a presentation or a brochure so that the new employee has a good idea of what he or she will find: both at the level of the organization and the basic regulations of the company.

  7. Tutor
    Before the start of the first day of work, assign a responsible person to ask the new employee any questions, of any kind, during his or her induction period.

  8. Task description
    Make a detailed description of each and every task you will perform in the position.

  9. Informal meetings with colleagues
    Organize informal meetings with the rest of the teammates so that he can introduce himself and get to know everyone little by little. A good idea is to plan 10-15 minute breaks so that you can introduce yourselves over coffee.

Lumiform: a digital tool for creating your own induction checklist

Individual digital forms

The flexible form construction kit makes it possible to create new individual checklists at any time and to adapt them again and again.

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Scheduling and notifications

The Lumiform App ensures that the schedule is kept. All employees receive notifications about the procedure and due dates. Managers automatically receive notifications when assignments are overdue and problems have occurred.

Time-defined work steps

Keep an eye on your schedule and use the information to identify opportunities to increase your efficiency.

Faster identification and resolution of problems

The data you collect from inspections is collected under the Analysis Tab. Here you can access all data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location and department. This helps you quickly identify causes and problems so you can fix them as quickly as possible.

Track inspections in facilities over time

Monitor your team's inspection performance and identify opportunities to improve the process and efficiency of your operations.


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