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ISO 22000 Checklist

Simplify with an ISO 22000 checklist your company's audits and certification.

What is an ISO 22000 checklist?

ISO 22000 is a food safety management system to establish global standards for quality, safety and processes throughout the food industry. It combines and complements the core elements of ISO 9001 and HACCP to ensure food safety in the global supply chain. In addition, the ISO 22000 standard is designed to prevent food hazards and control food contamination.

The audit for ISO 22000 certification is conducted by external auditors with a ISO 22000 checklist to assess whether a company is eligible for certification. It is conducted to assess the company’s conformance to the standard. The following points are considered:

  1. The applicable legal and regulatory requirements for food safety
  2. Risk management and corrective actions
  3. Sanitary and safe environment programs
  4. Leadership and management systems

An ISO 22000 audit checklist is used to prepare, implement, and evaluate a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). It is most often used in the final phase of the internal audit and self-assessment process by the external auditor preparation for certification.

This article provides information on the following points:

1. The benefits of ISO 22000 certification

2. The requirements for ISO 22000 implementation

3. Digital technology for audit and certification

Benefits of implementing ISO 22000 by using a checklist

ISO 22000 helps companies improve their food safety performance. It is a comprehensive, universally recognized food safety certification standard that is especially beneficial to companies that do not supply to the food trade (e.g., catering, equipment manufacturers, manufacturers of semi-finished products). Under the regular use of an ISO 22000 checklist, risks such as unsafe food imports, foodborne illness, food contamination, and inadequate food safety can be identified and minimized at an early stage.

The introduction, implementation and monitoring according to ISO 22000 has the following benefits for companies:

  1. Global regulatory requirements are met
    ISO 22000 implements internationally recognized food safety standards for controlling food hazards. It helps companies implement globally recognized food safety process and prevents costly repercussions such as fines, penalties, product recalls, or plant closures.

  2. Health and safety regulations are promoted
    Health and safety regulations are of paramount importance across all industries. Their implementation is intended to protect both consumers and employees. ISO 22000 helps minimize health and safety risks such as chemical contamination, diarrheal diseases, food hazards, and work-related incidents and injuries.

  3. Response rate to food hazards is improved
    An existing food safety management system helps companies respond immediately to unforeseen food safety issues. Less time is needed to investigate the root cause, leaving more time to solve the problem.

  4. Whole supply chain is considered
    A key benefit of ISO 22000 is that it covers the entire supply chain. This also includes suppliers who only supply in the chain of food production.

  5. Faithfulness and transparency are improved
    The image of its products is essential for companies to survive. The use of ISO 22000 checklists enables companies to showcase their FSMS to demonstrate that quality food products and services are delivered and assured.

  6. Business development and growth increase
    An ISO 22000 audit checklist helps companies safely implement continuous improvement plans for food safety systems. Using the ISO 22000 standard, improvement needs can be identified and new strategies can be developed to consistently meet consumer and food safety expectations.

Requirements for ISO 22000 implementation

The ISO 22000 requirements mandate the implementation and maintenance of a food safety management system to ensure that safe food handling practices are followed within the organization.

Particular emphasis is placed on documentation and record keeping. This is to ensure that all actions necessary for food safety are properly planned prior to implementation, properly controlled during implementation, and fully evaluated for effectiveness afterwards. This food safety documentation and record keeping should include:

1. Preventive programs (PRP = prequisite programs) to control the likelihood of food contamination and an unsanitary environment in the infrastructure and work environment.

2. HACCP plan to identify, evaluate and control biological, chemical and physical hazards that may occur in food manufacturing and production within the company and by other companies.

3. System management for food safety, which can be used to implement a holistic view of a company. The management system must integrate the process-oriented approach of ISO 9001 as well as the requirements of the HACCP standard.

Digital technology for ISO 22000 checklists

Achieving ISO 22000 certification and ongoing compliance requires extensive documentation, record-keeping and company-wide communication. Traditional pen and paper writing is a burden for auditors. ISO 22000 audit data is first noted in writing and then must be re-entered into a computer to manually generate an audit report. Choosing digital technology for ISO 22000 certification ensures a smooth process. It can also streamline processes to resolve food safety risks. Lumiform also offers digital templates for many other ISO requirements, such as the checklist for ISO 31000 risk management planning.

With Lumiform, the powerful and mobile application for audits and inspections, companies and auditors can:

  • Turn customized paper lists into ISO 22000 checklists in minutes using the flexible form builder.
  • Document all important information via a smartphone or tablet – online and offline.
  • Add photo evidence and comments about hazards and non-compliant items via the app to the ISO 22000 checklist.
  • Assign corrective actions to responsible parties immediately to correct food hazards.
  • Bundle all audit results automatically into one ISO 22000 audit report and send immediately to stakeholders.

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